Pre-Show Chit Chat Vol. 3

Nancy O’Dell just asked Kieeer Sutherland a dumb questiion: who would win a tennis match between he and father Donald Sutherland and Charlie and Martin Sheen (all flour are nominated tonight.) Keifer, so good in “24,” just kinda looks at her and says, “I have no idea.”
Now Barry Manilow is there with Nancy with his godaughter. Barry’s hair is not moving. Barry’s face is not moving. But he looks awfully cool in his shades and a white suit and black shirt.
Oh God! It’s Joan Collins. She’s dripping with diamonds as she tells Billy Bush that Aaron Spelling is God. He asks her how she stays looking so young and she makes a confession: it’s all done with mirrors.”
Here comes Sean Hayes, nominated again. He says of Will & Grace, “I miss it already.”

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