Pre-Show Chit Chat: Vol. 2

Kyra Sedgwick is on, looking lovely. Love her! Hubby Kevin Bacon is there and they have been married liike 20 years. Kyra is up for “The Closer” and deserves to win! OK, now Jaimie Pressley is on prattling on about her gown that was sewn in Italy and beaded in India. I’m bored. But she is buff. Look at those biceps.

OK, now William Shatner, he’s making jokes. Or trying to. O’Dell is asking hom stupid questions tho. (Did i realy say I liked her more than Mary Hart? I take it back) Now here’s a vision: Mariska Hargitay, a new mom and a nominee. She says it feels “pretty great” to be on a red carpet and not be pregnant. She was big as a bungalow at the SAG Awards earlier this year. I want Kyra to win in Mariska’s category but I’m cool if Hargitay takes the trophy home. ANYONE but Allyson Janney, she’s got about 10 already and didn’t too much on West Wing this year except look pained.

Ellen Pompeo is up with Billy Bush now but doesn’t seem to want to linger. She’s presenting the first award “and I really have to be on time.” She’s talking about her co-stars “beautiful spirits.”
Now it’s Grace and Karen, I mean Debra Messing and Megan Mullally. I want Megan to talk in her Karen Walker voice. She sounds much too serious. She should point to Debra’s dress and say, “Honey. What’s this? What’s going on here?”

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