Pre-Show Chit-Chat: Vol. One

Well, if you’re reading this instead of watching the NBC pre-show (poor you), I’ll give you some of the highlights with my observations, of course.
Randy Jackson was just on and said “dude” aboiut a zillion times. I thought “dawg” was his favorite word. Now Jean Smart is on! I want her to win! She’s up for “24” and is showing some serious cleavage. Could this REALLY be the same actress who played sweet Charlene on “Designing Women”?
Jon Voight is nominated and being interviewed by Nancy O’Dell. He brought his goddaughter. I guess Angelina Jolie, his real daughter, was busy. O’Dell just asked him about Angelina, with whom he is famously estranged. He simply said, “I send my love her way.”
BTW, the girl sitting next to me does NOT like pre-show co-host Billy Bush, for political reasons, and says so everytime they flash his mug on the screen. It’s gonna be a long night.

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