Reign pack their bags, Voce calls it a career.

When the Reign packed up their equipment and left The Bank one last time on Monday, the moment meant a little more to Tony Voce, who announced that Saturday’s game in Las Vegas was the last of his professional career.

The 29-year-old forward is moving back to Philadelphia to be with his wife and family. He said he wasn’t the same after the knee injury that cost him a month of the season in November and December.

“I was hurt most of the year,” he said. “Once it was done, it’s done.”

“I didn’t play very well,” he continued. “I could have done a lot more. I think I was just an average player. My points and stuff were productive, but overall I
expected a lot more out of myself. Yeah, my goals were nice, but I’m a goal-scorer, that’s what I was brought here to do. I had some pretty nice goals, 23. But it’s time to be done.”

Voce owns two businesses, one of which he had to put on hold to play hockey.

“I’m excited to get home,” he said.

Like many of his teammates, Voce cited a tough schedule that coincided with a stretch of 11 losses in 12 games between December and January as a big reason for the team’s early off-season. Check out the rest of his thoughts on the season, as well as those of his teammates and coach Karl Taylor, in tomorrow’s editions of the Sun and Daily Bulletin.

I’ll try to update the blog with more content as the week progresses. Here are a few more newsworthy tidbits:

– Jon Rheault is headed back to the American Hockey League. He was recalled by the Abbotsford Heat today.
– Taylor said that Geoff Walker, Colten Teubert, Jordan Nolan and Michael Pelech were headed to Los Angeles to meet with the Kings, but he wasn’t sure exactly what they were meeting about. Teubert, Nolan and Pelech are all Kings draft picks, while Walker is under contract to the Kings’ AHL affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs.
– Sean O’Connor has signed with Augsburg of the Deutsch Elite League, the team he began the season with.
– Andrew Martens had the best excuse for not making up his mind about his plans for next season: His wife is expecting the couple’s second child Friday.

  • Sect 122 fan

    Good Luck Tony !! the first of a few retirement announcements,I am sure

    Hopefully O’Conner will be back next season.

    We are in for a long roller coaster of an offseason. Lots of changes some will be for the better some will hurt. In two short years we fans have build some strong ties to the players both on and off the ice.
    As minor league sports go the players come and go far more frequently than when they make it to the “show”.We as fans will make new friendships and have new favorites as soon as the new season starts.

    Thanks again Reign Players,staff and Front Office for a great season. Its been a phenomenal two years and I am already counting the days until the season starts in October. I hate the offseason.

    JP please keep us updated you’re one of the very few sources for Reign news, we are counting on you !!!

  • Crossbar

    Comparing the two schedules (08/09 vs 09/10), one can certainly argue that this year’s was the more strenuous overall. But let’s not forget that we finished last year’s regular season playing 11 of the final 14 games on the road, yet we still won our division. Moreover, if you look at what some of the other teams in our conference had to endure this season, we weren’t alone.

    The Dec-Jan. stretch mentioned in JP’s coverage above included 21 games in 52 days (11/27/09-1/17/10), with 15 being on the road. Our record? 6-11-2-2 (16 pts). By comparison, the Idaho Steelheads, far and away the most balanced team in the league with regard to home & road stats, played 20 games in a 44 day span (10/23-12/5), 14 of which were on the road. Their record– 15-4-0-1 (31 pts). Thus, while the schedule may have been brutal at times, we weren’t the only ones having to deal with it. Some just handled it better than others.

    Coach Taylor himself alluded to one of the real culprits yesterday in The Sun: a lack of secondary scoring. Add in some pretty undisciplined play and major lapses on defense, and voila–last place. To put it another way, if you compare this season’s stats with last year’s, we earned 14 fewer points on the road (26 vs 40), yielded 5 more SOLs at home, had 35 fewer opportunities on the power play, and gave the opposition the man advantage 26 more times this season than last.

    Finally, I’m with you, Sect 122fan. Hope to see O’Connor back in a Reign uniform next season. He was an outstanding addition to the roster and really raised the energy level. Had some good on-ice chemistry with Petey as well.

  • Chivas Fan

    I totally agree and “sypathize” with 122 because we were truly on a roller coaster this year with these “boys”. The thing about us is we are fans, not fanatics, and we see things from a different perspective as opposed to some fans and/or boosters. So be sure and get your early bird renewals in and see you all in October.

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