Sierra League playoff breakdown

Well, this one is pretty simplistic, as the three teams have already been decided. It’s that pesky business of seeding that is at play here.

1. Ayala (8-1, 4-0): By virtue of their victory over Chino Hills last week, the Bulldogs will be the fifth different Sierra champion in three years with a victory over Glendora tomorrow. A loss though would either give Ayala the No. 2 seed if Chino Hills loses or subject it to a three-way coin flip for seeding if Chino Hills wins.

2. Chino Hills (8-1, 3-1): Chino Hills’ only shot at getting the No. 1 seed involves a win over Diamond Bar and a Glendora win over Ayala. In that case, a three-way flip would take place between the Huskies, Ayala and Glendora. A Glendora loss would give Chino Hills the No. 2 slot no matter what, while a loss and a Glendora win would drop the Huskies to the No. 3 seed.

3. Glendora (6-3, 3-1): The Tartans can win the No. 1 if they beat Ayala and Chino Hills loses to Diamond Bar by virtue of a head-to-head win over Ayala. They’d be in a three-way flip with a win and a Chino Hills win. A loss and a Chino Hills loss would knock Glendora to the No. 3 seed by virtue of Chino Hills’ victory over Glendora.

4. Damien (2-7, 1-3): Eliminated from playoff contention.

5. Diamond Bar (4-5, 1-3): Eliminated from playoff contention.

6. Chino (2-7, 0-4): Eliminated from playoff contention.

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