Maeda Family Civil War: 2 daughters, 1 dad, 2 schools, 1 game


How’s this for a family photo? It’s the Maeda Family Civil War, so dubbed by San Gorgonio athletic director Matt Maeda, center. His daughter on the left is Kaylee, who is a Redlands East Valley (2011) grad and a girls water polo coach at San Gorgonio. On the right is Melanie, who is a senior at Citrus Valley.

This photo was taken on Thursday, when Melanie’s Citrus Valley’s team beat Matt and Kaylee’s San Gorgonio team, 12-2. Notice the San G had and Citrus Valley shirt for Matt. This is the first time his kids have faced each other. In the past, there have been Maeda Civil Wars, but it was Matt’s San Gorgonio against his kid’s team. His son Kevin ran at Citrus Valley, graduating last year.

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