Notes from friends of Chris Boo K. Lee

Since putting together a follow up story on the stabbing death of Chris Boo K. Lee, I have received several emails and phone calls from friends and family of Lee’s who want to share their memories of Lee.
Here’s a sampling from one letter sent Wednesday evening: (I’m keeping the writer anonymous and have edited this slightly)

Hello Frank, regarding your article today about Chris, it is good to know that your doing your job and made those names public. It is unfortunate to hear that the gangmembers that were arrested … were released for a reason I do not know yet. I am a very close friend of Chris and I can personally tell you that Chris was not a gangmember. … The last 7 years i have known him he has always been a good student, helpful to his family, and a very loyal friend.

In Wednesday’s article, homicide detectives said they were searching for an Arcadia teen identified as Paul Kim.
A former friend of Kim’s, who identified himself as “riceboy” sent a brief note as well:

yeah paul used to be my best friend till he became stupid

We are pushing for Kim’s mugshot to be released and any additional information detectives might have in the case.

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  1. f*&^ the guy who wrote that letter. Paul isn’t stupid so just shut the f@$% up and try finding out the whole and real story.

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