FBI opens investigation into Burbank PD

This from the Burbank Leader:

CITY HALL — Four days after the city released a statement calling the latest lawsuit filed against its Police Department “baseless and disingenuous,” Mayor Gary Bric on Tuesday said the FBI was investigating the allegations.

He also announced that the Burbank Police Department was being investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which was to turn over its findings to the county district attorney’s office, paving the way for the city to bring in its own outside attorney to review the allegations.

Seven current and former members of the Burbank Police Department have filed lawsuits since May, claiming everything from unfair demotion and retaliation, to sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

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  • Dan

    As an ex-Burbank PD officer myself, I couldn’t be happier! The department’s administration has been corrupt FOR YEARS! I know current and retired officers that have seen former police chiefs, captains, and lieutenants get away with everything from domestic violence to having sex in a police car. Bravo to the FBI and LASO for investigating these corrupt officers. A new police chief will have to come in from outside the department to clean it up. I can’t wait. By the way, I still live in Burbank and have friends who are active police officers.

  • I feel sorry for the current chief, he has not been given a chance to do anything but try and clean up after the previous chief. I am curious what your definition of corrupt is? I bet most departments have the same problems. The real issue with most law enforcement is that the have inflated egos and sometimes act as if they are above the law. Don’t judge a whole police department based on a few that don’t follow the law. By the way Dan you sound like an idiot.

  • Dan

    Lisa, you are either GROSSLY naive or an idiot yourself! Chief Tim Stehr runs the department with his cronies. Anyone that he perceives as a threat is either suspended, or in my case, fired. The latest scandal started from a patrol officer who finally got fed up with the threats he received from the chief AND the department’s administration. This patrol officer went to the FBI out of desperation.

    That was the bravest act I ever saw by a Burbank police officer!

    Here is my “definition” of Burbank PD corruption:

    1. Having sex in a police car while on duty…Chief Stehr did this when he was a patrol sergeant!

    2. Committing domestic violence and not being reported because you are a Burbank PD lieutenant.

    3. Disposing of toxic pool chemicals in your residential trash can and causing injury to the trash truck driver. A police report was written but mysteriously disappeared. This was told to me by the officer that wrote the report!

    There are PLENTY more. So Lisa, put up or shut up. You know nothing about this scandal but what you read in the news.

  • Tim McGinley

    I’ve lived in Burbank all of my life. I am in my 60’s now and Burbank Police have ALWAYS been corrupt. Bunch of hicks if you ask me.

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  • Frank


    You really do not no what your talking about. The corruption goes deep in the BPD. As he stated lieutenant’s which I believe are in charge of plain clothes officers are involved in corruption also. They have this attitude of prove it. Where talking framing of innocent people. Telling lies on police reports. It is pretty bad. The naive can think what they want but the truth always prevails so it’s just best to keep an open mind. There is no doubt in my mind there will be things coming out about the department for years to come. The corruption has been going on for years. I mean way back. That is why there culture is so bad because they got away with it so long. New officers would come in and be influenced by the one’s already there.