Montebello men shot while changing flat tire

MONTEBELLO — Three men were wounded in a drive-by shooting early Sunday as they changed a flat tire along Beverly Boulevard, authorities said.
The attack took place shortly before 1:30 a.m. in the 3300 block of West Beverly Boulevard, Montebello police Lt. Brad Keller said.
Three Montebello men, ages 20, 26, and 45, were changing a flat tire when a silver, 4-door vehicle passed by and someone inside opened fire, the lieutenant said.
Two of the victims were hospitalized with gunshot wounds to the back and buttocks, Keller said, and the third was treated at the scene for a grazing wound to the back. None of the wounds were believed to be life threatening.
The victims are not believed to have gang ties, Keller said.
Police said there were at least two men inside the passing vehicle.
They were both Latino men who were “described as gang members,” Keller said. One appeared to be in his 20s, and another appeared to be in his 20s or 30s.
No further details were available.

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One thought on “Montebello men shot while changing flat tire

  1. The GangBangers got to them before the MPD can give them a ticket for not being in a tire changing zone???….They are such a joke. Been in this city 25 years and Its obvious the gang bangers out number the
    police. With all the traffic cameras in the city giving out tickets…cops can never be found when needed.the cameras do their work. And I called 911 once and they took 1 hour to respond. the operator said there was a fight in the city and all the officers were not available…who the hell was fighting?? must of been Paquiao!!! this is no joke 1 hour to respond!!and this drive by was on Beverly blvd same street as the police station. Gang bangers know they got a handle on the streets around here! cops wont show up till its over to take names and reports and wait til someone calls to give them tips. otherwise they dont give a shit. None of them live in Montebello anyway.

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