UPDATE: Man suspected of stabbing wife to death near Whittier

WHITTIER – A man stabbed his wife to death before wounding himself Saturday in their home in an unincorporated county area near Whittier, authorities said.
Maria Guzman, 45, died at the scene of the stabbing, Detective Q. Rodriguez of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau said.
Her 47-year-old husband, who is suspected in the killing, was not identified Sunday, as Rodriguez said officials were still working to confirm his true name.
The slaying was reported about 3:40 p.m. at a home in the 10700 block of Carmenita Road, near Florence Avenue, Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Thomas said in a written statement.
“The homicide was a result of a domestic dispute between the victim and her husband,” according to Lt. John Corina of the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau. “After stabbing his wife, the suspect then intentionally stabbed himself before deputies arrived at the scene.”
The woman died at the scene, and the suspect was hospitalized in stable condition, officials said. He underwent surgery Sunday.
Detectives were able to interview the suspect Sunday, however Rodriguez declined to comment on what was said.
The weapon used in the stabbing, a kitchen knife, was found at the scene, the detective added.
The suspect had not been arrested Sunday, Rodriguez said, however he was expected to be taken into custody and charged with murder as soon as his medical condition allows.
Other than a domestic violence incident, a motive in the killing was not clear, he said. Besides the husband and wife, no one else was at the home when the stabbing occurred.
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  • Art

    I had to google search this event in order to learn of it. My address is “10700” of Carmenita Road, and although it the article says “10700 block”, it hasn’t stopped the random flow of people coming to my house and asking about something that didn’t actually happen here. Hearing people swear to you that someone was killed in your house when you were home all day celebrating a birthday isn’t exactly something you want to hear.

  • Andres


  • danny dee


  • danny dee

    it is sad to hear about this. i didnt know her personally just knew her from the clinic where she was attending for physical therapy. i have seen her leave with other people not her husband but with other guys. i heard from her mouth stating to people and making comments that her husband was real jealouse and was physical abussive to her. she stated to other people she was caught cheating and ever since that day her husband didnt trust her. she had anger issues and did sometimes bad mouth people from the clinic and had a negative attitude. i feel bad for her children . it is so sad just to see her life end that way. i also heard through the grape vine that her family members told people she had a stroke. which i knew it wasnt true. other ladies from the clinic also saw her leaving with another guy all the time and she was warned that her husband would find out. and her husband did follow her on other occassions.

  • Anonymous

    Danny wat is ur problem your making statements when you said yourself you didnt even know her . Your pain and anger is that she slapped you while you were disrespecting her . You say you seen her leave with another male but do you have proof of it the only guys she evr got rides from was the transportation from home to the clinic that was it. I know because she would come home in the same van that she left in . The best you can do is cut all this nonsense and respect other peoples pain and ket her rest in peace