More taxes in Covina…

This from reporter Dan Abendschein:

The city will vote on a plan to increase taxes on lighting and landscaping for certain parts of the city at Tuesdays meeting.
If the plan is approved, the city will send out a mail-in ballot to the affected districts. If the majority of ballots returned are in favor of the taxes, they will take affect later this year.
There are two lighting districts in town, and five landscaping districts. All will be charged at different levels if the citys plan is approved.

Meanwhile, the city is also sending out sample ballots with a city measure for renewing a $5.5 million user’s utility tax without opposition arguments. The utility tax ballot measure, called Measure C, will be on a county consolidated ballot on June 3 if the Board of Supervisors approves it this week.

So many taxes, so little time.