It is utterly shocking how this so-called “scandal” and “cover-up” has taken on a life of its own all based on alot of very loose speculation and planted gossip. What if this all turned out to be a whole lot about nothing. I hear talk of “calling the District Attorney” and “hiring special investigators”??? Was a crime even committed??? If we start sending people to jail simply because they act a little dumb on a occasion, I think half this country and certainly some of the “commentators” on this blog would likely be there as well. This is outrageous how this so-called “Journalistic Blog” is allowing itself to be used as a tool for pre-fabricated hysteria. I guess paper sales MUST BE REALLY REALLY SLOW for the San Gabriel Tribune to rely on this type of smut journalism to sell advertising. Maybe next week’s headline can be about UFO’s and Council members taking part in the JFK assasination. This is the equivalent of pulling a fire alarm because someone farted and then criticizing the cost and expense of having the fire department respond. OUTRAGEOUS. Even if you hate the Mayor that’s fine, hate him all you want but don’t you think people should be given some fairness in coverage. Has anyone bothered see if the persons making the charges might be wrong or ….heavens forbid might be …how do we say…pursuing their own political agenda or maybe even….LYING. Why don’t we start talking about real issues that really affect peoples lives in El Monte.


    It took half an hour for my comments to get posted on this blog. Is the Tribune trying to “cover up” my comments so that the truth doesn’t get out. I think we need an investigation.


    I just noticed the headline of this article has been changed from “Commentators call on Mayor to step down” to “Readers call on Mayor to step down.” I smell a cover-up. What else have they changed on their blog in the last few hours. I think it’s time to call for a special prosecutor.

    P.S. Exactly who are these “readers”. Could it be the same handful people (maybe one or two people allied with certain members of the council who have an ax to grind) who have maybe logged in under several different anonymous names. I think we need an investigation on this. And if the investigation fails to expose guilt we will need to investigate the investigators and so on and so on. Doesn’t this feel just like the SALEM WITCH TRIALS.

  • Redryder-Blue

    Astounded : Dude,Easy your gonna have a heart attack !

  • Bill Clinton

    I see no problem with the Mayor having a girlfriend or two…..or ten. I mean every now and then you need a chubby jewish girl to clean your desk for you.
    Bubba Clinton

  • Am Staff

    OMG !

    Mayor, President, King . . .

    So history repeats itself in a small town

    Big whoop

    Considering the other paramount world issues,
    I would hardly call this news worthy.

  • A resident

    If your tax dollar is being spent to keep the mayor’s girlfriend happy, you would consider it news worthy.

    The mayor and his friend Emily were strongly backed by the El Monte PD. Why? The police needed people on the council who would not question anything they wanted. Now we are stuck with likes of Ernie and Emily. In the future, I will only vote for people who owe no favors, especially to city employees. Classic case of the tail wagging the dog.

  • Warren Jeffs

    Dear readers,
    I don’t see why a man can’t have several wives, let alone a wife and a girlfriend. He should come to Texas and he’d fit right in.
    Warren Jeffs
    currently in jail.

  • I’m with ASTOUNDED

    ASTOUNDED is absolutley correct. I find it very disturbing that this blog is an official part of the newspaper. You “Leftover Ladies” are always calling on the electeds to task what about your journalism ethics. Truth and fairness do not seem to matter to you two or your rag.

  • Tribune Subscriber

    To “ASTOUNDED” and “I’m with Astounded”:

    What is not true or fair about the reporting of this story?

    The paper reported on what is being investigated. True?

    The mayor, his wife and his girlfriend all had an opportunity to speak. Seems fair to me.


    ASTOUNDED….where are you coming from. If you were a resident of El Monte you too would know what is happening in our city. As much as I hate to admitt it Mayor Gutierrez acts up more than we like to admitt. Again if these are only allegations, gossip or a vendeta aginst Mayor Ernie Gutierrez why should he be worried? RIGHT!!!On the other hand no one mentioned sending him to jail for getting drunk, cheating on his wife, or using vulgar language. If that were the case our cities jails would be over packed, marriage counselors and divorce attorneys, would become very wealthy, and local Alcoholic Anonymous Agencies would pop up in evey city.(Special discounts for elected officials). Furthermore what does Mayor Ernie Gutierrez have to say? He has choosen not to talk to the media. What is he afraid of? I would be holding a press conference or at least sending a letter to the SGV Tribune, clearing my name, and title. If you don’t care about what these BLOGERS have to say then just don’t read them. No one is forcing you nor anyone else to do so. The mayors, governors, congressman, senators, and any other elected leaders way of behaving while servin in office does impact and affect a city, state or nation. That elected official stands for something that we all tend to look up to and respect. When “THEY” do wrong in the eyes of the people who help elect them into office it sends a rippeling effect. Like a stone being thrown into a pond. It tends to touch all who are around it. No matter what. It disturbs the calmness, security and trust. It turns into a small tiddle wave. You can clearly see what kaos and distruction it brings.

  • Larry Rodriguez El Monte Resident

    As a resident of El Monte I have attened several meetings at city hall. I have also watch many on our cable. Ernie Gutierrez has failed us as the mayor. He needs to be re-called. Emily Ishigaki needs to be re-called to. She covers up for Ernie just a bit too much as far as I am concerned. If Mr. August plans to run for MAYOR I will encouage all who live and vote in El Monte to do so. It took a lots of guts to bring out into the open what Gutierrez did. What became of that car accident at the Food for Less Shoppoing center, where the mayor was involved? Will that come out or will it be covered up like Gutierrez’s girlfriends private driveway that the city did for her at taxpayers expense? We need answers. Resident Rodriguez