Claims are false, councilman says


Councilman Steve Herfert on Tuesday said that accusations made about him are false. Councilman Roger Hernandez allages that Herfert threatened him in a closed door meeting, as detailed in this previous post.

“This is so untruthful that it turns my stomach,” Herfert said. “When he gets in trouble, he makes accusations that are unfounded. It is unfortuante that he is picking on me, and he is saying things I didn’t do.” 

Among the statements made written by Hernandez and addressed to City Manager Andrew Pasmant, Hernandez alleges:

As you are aware, during the closed session of September 2, 2008, Councilmember Herfert directed several loud and threatening statements towards me. Specifically, he directed the following comments towards me: “We’re gonna come after your ass,” “If not us, someone else will, ” and “We are gonna sue your ass.” They were made in a physically aggressive manner, while leaning into my personal space and waving his finger in a confrontational manner, which made all staff and councilmembers visibly uncomfortable. I understood his statements and body language as making a threat upon my life and livelihood. As I noted to you then and the Chief of Police thereafter, these statements caused me to fear for my personal safety.