Slaughterhouse won’t have to fly coop

The city’s only slaughterhouse is going  to expand, Rebecca Kimitch reports.

Council approves slaughterhouse expansion
Article Launched: 12/17/2008 09:26:42 AM PST

ROSEMEAD – The city council voted last night to allow poultry slaughterhouses in Rosemead, despite accusations of corruption and fears of avian flu from residents.

The 3-2 decision was made in order to allow one already existing slaughterhouse to expand, but it would also allow new slaughterhouses to open in various areas of the city.

“People don’t know that this is happening all over… this ordinance tonight is effecting every manufacturing zone in the city,” said councilwoman Margaret Clark, who, along with Councilman Gary Taylor, voted against the municipal code change to allow slaughterhouses.

Chinese American Live Poultry, which freshly kills chickens and ducks for customers at its store on 8932 Garvey Ave., will benefit most immediately from the change.

If the council confirms its vote in a second reading next month, CAL Poultry will be allowed to expand its facilities. Owner Quan Phu says the expansion is necessary to reduce odors from the slaughterhouse, which have long bothered nearby residents.

Slaughterhouses have been prohibited in Rosemead since 2001. CAL Poultry opened a decade before that. It was allowed to stay, but it was prohibited from expanding.

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