‘The truth is the Mayor is living at City Hall’


South El Monte Councilman Hector Delgado sent this letter to the Tribune earlier this week. Among his accusations is that Mayor Blanca Figueroa lives in City Hall. Figueroa has denied this, saying that she has a home but has so much work to do that she needs City Hall to be open late.

Here is the letter:

I would like to take a moment to thank my colleagues on the South El Monte City Council for their support in establishing an “After Hours” policy on a 4-1 vote. The effort and thought that went into establishing this policy is reflective of the genuine concern to address the issue of safety and liability.

Our communities’ safety and tax payer money clearly outweighs a single person’s individual desires. I question the work that is allegedly being done by the Mayor at city hall after hours. I have repeatedly asked what work is being done at two or three in the morning by her. She has refused to answer me or any of my colleagues.

We as tax payers have a right to know what the Mayor is doing. I call on the Mayor to provide the entire council, city manager, and most importantly our residents written reports that account for the work she purportedly is doing and provide us an explanation as to why with a laptop, wireless card, cell phone, fax and copy machine she cannot do her work from her home.

The truth is the Mayor is living at City Hall. I invite any resident of South El Monte to come and see for them selves. Residents have every right to view our offices and know exactly what we are doing while we are at City Hall.

Lastly, I would like the Tribune to poll any elected official in the San Gabriel Valley, and ask them if they stay in their public offices until two or three in the morning several days a week.

Once again, I thank my colleagues, Mayor ProTem Louie Aguinaga, Council members Joseph Gonzales, and Angelica Garcia who understand that safety and liability clearly out weights the Mayors extraordinary accommodations.

Hector Delgado


City of South El Monte

  • Anonymous

    I knew there was more to this story than the Mayor was claiming. The fact that she’s living at City Hall explains everything!

  • TakeFive

    Yup. This sounds about right. Office squatters are not that rare. Too bad the Tribune didn’t know that before penning this morning’s editorial: “Our View: Curfew waste of resources”.

    Maybe the Tribune can use a few resources and find out why the mayor is living at city hall. My guess is that she has too many cats at her home.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Garcia

    We do not appreciate being lied to by the Mayor! If she is living at City Hall because she has a pig stye at home, it is not the responsibility of the tax payers to support her!!! That’s why people have jobs, to be able to provide for themselves. Maybe the Mayor should think about getting a job and supporting herself and paying her own bills like the rest of us have to!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mr. Delgado and Mr. Gonzales for putting Figueroa in her place. You both are doing a great job in destroying her reputation and credibility. Since she retired from teaching, she has put on so much weight. She can hardly walk at all. Her diabetis is out of control. People like she should not work at all. She belongs at the senior senior. Make sure you buy her buckets of chicken and pizza. Merry Christmas to you both.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Garcia of South El Monte

    To our beloved Blanca Figueroa the Mayor. Blanca we don’t know who wrote this other email with our name. We have known you ever since you were a little girl. We have seen you grow into a responsible and giving person. Ignore the lies that are said about you. We all had a great time at your tamale party last week. Your home is very beautiful and comfortable. You have worked very hard to fix it up since your Mamasita Y Papa passed away. We will always be with you in our thoughts and prayers. Feliz Navidad to you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    A hard working public servant who might end up catching a snooze on her office couch at 2:00AM? Come on people! Haven’t any of you ever had a real job where you had to work late, or even overnight?

    Give this woman a break.

  • anonymous

    Wow….you couldn’t make this crap up if you tried! Forget Oprah or Jerry Springer, simply follow the goings on over in South El Monte.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Why is the councilmembers private office locked up day and night? It is tight as a drum with a security camers on it. What work do you do in there that is top secret Mr. Delgado? Is there a metal detector at the door way too? You have top of the line electronics and new expensive fancy furniture? That mayor has every ones left overs. It is crappy looking. Why do you all treat her like trash? Does she in fact have a copier and fax in her house? Have you been in it at all? Is there a bed in her office? What about pj’s, curlers and nite cream? Do you even relize who stupit you sound on this pack of lies?

  • LBanks

    I think this is a very sad situation. If these accusations are true, then this public letter is inappropriate and detrimental to SEM’s reputation. If this letter is filled with lies, then I want to know what is going on with our City Council that such disrespect is being resorted to in the SGV Tribune. Please someone tell us SEM citizens both sides of the story.

  • 007 from SEM

    Why is Hector Delgado following Mayor Figueroa around? Ain’t that stocking? Has he joined the Star and National rag tabloids? Isn’t there a law against doing this kind of weird thing, especially against someone in government? What is on those so called videos he says he has on her at city hall. Was he hiding in the bushes or the roof? This is wrong and questionable.

  • Mrs. Hernandez

    I had the pleasure of meeting the mayor. She is a very nice person. She has helped me out with some problems at home. I wish her continued success as the mayor of our town.