BP councilman gives nod to Chu

9933-anthony.jpgBaldwin Park Councilman Anthony Bejarano said he’s endorsing Judy Chu for Rep. Hilda Solis’ seat. Solis is President-Elect Barack Obama’s pick for labor secretary, which means she’ll be vacating her current post soon.

Chu is on the California Board of Equalization, and she’s going up against Gloria Romero for the position. 

Monterey Park Mayor Frank Venti recently announced he’s gunning for Romero.

Who do you think will get the spot?

  • Anonymous

    “Gunning for” usually means “going after,” not “campaigning for” or “endorsing.”

  • Dont Need it

    Who would want him to endorse anything except alcohol or how to be a loser in redevelopment projects. If I was running for office I would pay him to just stay away and keep his mouth shut. The only clout he carries is his mom and dad.

  • Anonymous

    To don’t need it, seriously, did he bag your gf or wife? So much smack talkin about nothing of any import.

  • Dont Need it

    Iam glad you got the message he is a nobody who thinks he is somebody.

  • I think you need it badly

    Sounds like so much sour grapes. Anonymous probably got it right. The real loser hurting.

  • Anonymous

    “Dont Need it said:
    Iam glad you got the message he is a nobody who thinks he is somebody.”

    Well if he is such a nobody, why do you swing from his sack so much? You took the time out of your day to comment on such an non-controversial blog entry and your “opinion” was nothing more than negative commentary that really had no point.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony is the biggest loser.


  • Anonymous

    And you’re obsessed with a drunk sad loser, so what does that make you?

  • Benajerk

    Why is it everyone must be obsessed with someone when they are stating opinions or facts [Marlen]. I guess the next statement should say all these people are stalking poor work at home attorney who can’t get a real job at a firm. It is time boy wonder knows his political future is done and move on with his new business venture working out of his house.

  • Sounds familiar

    The last comment sounds suspiciously like the dufus auto parts maker who is all mouth and no brain. Talk about no political future,dufus was all mumbles about his seat on the council.