South El Monte mayor throws in the mayor’s hat

21184-blancas office.JPGWith City Council elections coming up in November, we’re getting all sorts of information about who’s running and who isn’t in our local San Gabriel Valley cities.

In South El Monte, Mayor Blanca Figueroa announced Tuesday night that while she will be running for council, she won’t be running for mayor again.

Reporter Rebecca Kimitch said instead, Figueroa will be throwing her mayoral support behind Councilman Louie Aguinaga.

  • West Covina Watcher

    The only important point here is that the Mayor is running scared and that’s the main reason behind her stepping down, she’s not fooling anyone!! She’s clearly afraid of Councilmember Louie Aguinaga and won’t take the challenge. And by the way, I doubt Louie Aguinaga wants or will even accept her endorsement!!!

  • Anonymous

    What the heck is all that crap on her desk? Just wondering.

    It’s about time a new leader stepped up to lead the city.

    Some great things have happend in the city over the past several years, and I’m sure the mayor has told everyone it’s because of her.

    I hope the good residents of South El Monte realize that things have gotten done because of Councilman Aguinaga not the mayor.

  • Anonymous

    The mayor is not afraid to run. Her seat will always be secure no matter what. She has the suppprt of the residents. She has held her seat for 3 terms a toatal of 6 years. You csnt beat that.The entire council has made all the projects go forward in the city. Not just Louie. He only has one vote. They. Have all worked well together. The proof is in the entire city. thank you.


    Crazy Drama Queen,Not running for Mayor? THANK GOD!

    I hope it means she won’t be at any more city events or at least cut a few of them out. She is always complaining that she does not feel good and expects everyone to drop everything for her. If her health is so bad, she should remove herself from council and focus on her health; both physical and mental.

    Its true that the City is prospering- finally. I have lived in this city for almost 40 years and significant improvements have been made because of other council members not her. They need 3 votes to approve items and most of the times it has been 4 to 1.

    Working late hours at City Hall-yeah right! unless you consider sleeping and eating chicken working!

  • Joseph Gonzales

    I am glad that fat pig is not running. Just give her a couple of buckets of chicken and she will be very happy. Throw in a box of candy bars too and a case of soda. Hector and I will be happpy to keep her fed.

  • Resident

    Mayor Figueroa looks fine to me. She makes all the city council meetings and city events. I see her more than any other councilmenbers at a lot of places in the city. So you can’t say that they go out of their way to help her. I haven’t seen that either. Why do you persist on making up such lies? You are pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself. Her desk is filled with gifts that she got for Christmas.

  • anonymous

    In the best interest of South El Monte and herself, she needs to step down.

    She does not have the support of the residents because if she did she would be up for the challenge and run for mayor. Do not be surprise if she pulls a regular publicity stunt to get sympathy.

    Mayor, we understand you want attention, who doesn’t? but wouldn’t it be better to get attention because they admire you instead getting attention because you are acting crazy. Though I and my family will not be supporting you this November, we will keep you in our prayers that you get well. Hopefully, losing your title will humble you and give you time to heal.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ramos

    My wife and I have lived in South El Monte for 62 years. We have seen Mayor Figueroa interact with the councilmenbets in a respectful way. She has the upmost concern for the residents of this city. Our city has prospered because of her leadership in the last six years. She has been the Mayor Pro Tem and a councilmember. She has the support of Solis, Molina, Chu, and Eng, just to name a few. The city has grown and prospered because of her and our councilmembers. They have all done a great job in our city. This has been the most productive group of leaders that have made a big differance in South El Monte. She will continue to serve on our city no matter what. She was cut out to become a mover and a shaker. We wish her well. South El Monte Family

  • business owner

    I have done business here in So. El Monte for many years. I can say that we have a better city because the Mayor has taken a great interest in the residents and all the different residents do go to her. She always has a open door policy with everyone. The Fire Dept the Sheriffs and many employees here in this city love her. All the unkind things that are said about her are very hurtful and they are not true. The way things are said about the Mayor, are because the council wants the Mayor gone. The things that are said are because when you point your finger at someone, then three fingers are pointing back at you. The Council should stop talking, because this is a bad reflection on them. They show no intergerity or respect for their position as officals that represent us in the city. I am ashamed of these officals and there dirty minds and mouths.I would not want anyone with their mentality to represent me or my city. They seem to hate authority and want and need alot of attention at no matter the cost. The way they want the ballot issues is such a waste of the cities money and at this time we need to protect our city from goiny under. Iam sure we could find something better to spend $32,000 on. Ms. Garcia, Mr. Aguinaga Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Delgado need to have a heart for So. El Monte. This whole campaign to make our Mayor look bad is really a look in the mirror by the city council. Iam sorry for this council because as many people they try to infleunce there are that many people that love Mayor Blanca Figuroa. I hope this all stops and those that think of themselves and need so much attention Please bow out gracefully. From,Someone who loves So El Monte

  • Anonymous

    Ed Chavez needs another NOSE JOB

  • Anonymous


  • Resident

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Mayor Figueroa. Gonzalez and Delgado are total jerks. They act like cowards and bullies at the City Council meetings. Gonzales is one to talk. He must weigh at least 300 pounds. Looks like he has been eating the bones and the bucket! Sorry to see that all your yard signs have been stolen. It is obvious as to who the two thieves are. We believe in you as a wonderful community leader. They can never take that from you. You have our 5 votes come Nov. 3rd.
    South El Monte residents.

  • what ever

    Looks like Joseph ate the chicken bones and swallowed the soda and shoved the candy down his fat face. He hid it from Hector. That dude weighs at least 300 pounds or more.