Hilda, meet Shakira …

You could wait in line for hours at an autograph signing.

You could stalk her outside of her recording studio.

Or, if you REALLY want to meet recording sensation Shakira you could just become the country’s labor secretary.

I bet Hilda Solis never thought she’d be chatting it up with a pop icon when she was still a student at La Puente High School.



  • Anonymous

    Must have been desperate for a blog post. This little tidbit is a real waste of space.

  • paul

    What are you talking about … this is probably the BEST post this blog has ever had!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s See a Hips Don’t Lie Photo instead.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever excitement that would be aroused by Shakira is utterly destroyed by the image of Solis. 🙁

  • Another anonymous

    When did old Hilda get the extra chin?