So long, Mussenden

El Monte City Manager Jim Mussenden tendered his letter of resignation Saturday following his arrest during a prostitution sting in Pomona last week.

His decision to step down was announced following an emergency closed-session meeting of the City Council this morning. The council was slated to consider his discipline/dismissal.

Mussenden, 59, was arrested Thursday night on suspicion of soliciting to engage in prostituting during a six-hour undercover sting operation by Pomona Police Department’s Vice Unit.

He was one of 30 people picked up in the bust, and was cited and released following the arrest.

Mussenden was not present during Saturday’s meeting. He’s declined to comment and we’ve yet to hear from his attorney, Ira Seltzer.

His resignation was dated effective the day of his arrest.

Here are some parting words from the council:

“It was better that he did (resign),” said Councilman Juventino “J” Gomez. “I could not tolerate that from our city manager, any city manager. He’s performed very well … worked diligently. But the city has to come first.”

“I think it was the best thing he did for himself,” said Councilwoman Emily Ishigaki of the resignation. “Jim’s already apologized to us. He’s very remorseful.”

Deputy City Manager for Community Development Rene Bobadilla has been appointed interim city manager, effective immediately. He’ll be on the job for 90 days.

A permanent replacement will be selected by the council after the Nov. 3 election, officials said.

  • Andrew

    The City Council should have fired him before he had a chance to resign. This wasn’t a really tough decision. Yet they took there time because they all lack moral character. I’m sorry Dante. I think you should get your chance at being City Manager. How many years have you been waiting in the wings? Now you are either incompetent or have questionable ethical standards. I’m not sure that either is the case. Perhaps…I wonder how much race had to do with the decision. More than you might think. The City Council is not the smartest, nor the most ethical, nor a group with much character or integrity. I mean they were the one’s that hired Jim Mussenden in the first place. It’s easy money to bet that hiring Bobadilla will come back to bite them in the end, too.

  • calwatch

    Uh, Rene is a HE, not a she, and he is an up and comer. Excellent political skills, hard worker, knows his stuff. Left a cushy County job to work in the rough and tumble of local city government, where City Councilmembers can change as often as the seasons. I think he’ll make a great choice, although the risk is that he’ll only spend three or four years and jump ship to a bigger city… he has those kind of skills.

  • concerned resident

    Please not Dante. He is part of the mess El Monte is in. Great talker not a great worker. We need young blood with a strong work ethic, and vision to clean up the mess the city is currently in.

  • The Taxpayer

    Sorry Dante,you should get the job! This Rene guy has special interest in the city” Retired Police Chief Weldonu8rnxzc has head up his you know who got him the job! Look further into it and it will all come out in the open.

  • em resident & employee

    Jay Gomez could not tolerate this from a city manager … the city has to come first.
    Jay should practice what he preaches! During his time as council member- he has done nothing for our city but destroy it with the other four fools. Jay did you think of the city when you took bribes (so call donations) from titan,the trash companies, and fire/police unions? Why didn’t you stick up for the City on every occassion Mayor Ernie Guitierrez & his mistress embrassed the city? You looked the other way.

    Jay Gomez your ego (as the rest of the council member) is so inflated that you are out of touch with the residents of el monte. And for the sake of this city, I hope You, Ernie, and Art are vote out this election. Then residents will only have to put up with those witches for two more years.

    Finally, its true the city can not afford to have Dante. He has done nothing for El Monte, expect but collected a hefty pay check with pension as other fat cats. Its great that Mr. Bobadilla got selected as interim City Manager. He is a product of el monte and cares in his short time here, he has done more for el monte than this current council, and fat cats such as Dante Hall. Who cares who brought him in.

  • anonymous

    Welcome aboard Mr. Bobadilla i wish you good Luck and the only way you are going to get the City back in Bussiness is if you are going to be the Boss of all the Departments, including the Police…With their power and money they call the shots….