It smelled like pee, but I still loved it

This probably happened years ago, but I noticed the city concreted in the tunnel at the bottom of the playground airplane at Palm View Park on Lark Ellen and Puente avenues in West Covina. I grew up in a cul de sac across the street. And I spent a lot of time playing in that thing.

In case you”re not old, the plane used to have a tunnel on the bottom that ran from front to back.
It always smelled like urine, so I only went in when my mom wasn’t paying attention.

Some of my best memories took place at Palm View. I remember getting a remote-controlled car and launching it out of the tunnel into the sand for a couple hours until the car broke. I also remember the city park staff putting down black trash sacks on the hill by the clubhouse and turning on the sprinklers so we could go sliding on hot days.