UPDATED: Four words: Ron Artest. Montebello. Thursday.


OK, maybe you need like a time and place, oh and the reason world champion Los Angeles Laker and game 7 hero Ron Artest is going to be in Montebello tomorrow.

Apparently, he has teamed up with Congresswoman Grace Napolitano (no, really, I’m serious) to raise awareness about mental health stigma’s and advocate for the Mental Health in Schools Act, a.k.a. HR 2531.

Those who watched the Lakers beat the Celtics in this year’s NBA Finals remember Ron thanking his psychiatrist in his post game comments.

Ron Ron and Grace Grace (not working for ya?) will be at Eastmont Intermediate School at 9 a.m. Thursday, Sept 9. (I screwed up an earlier post and said this was tomorrow. It is a week from tomorrow.)

Sorry sports fans, space is limited and they are only accepting those who R.S.V.P. first.

Sorry if I teased you.

UPDATED: Nathan Landers, spokesman for Napolitano, tells me that the Montebello school involved is already practicing some of the mental health items that are proposed in the bill. Apparently, the Congresswoman started the health program there previously.

Also, apparently we are friends with NBC sports. Nice.

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UPDATED: Rep. Gary Miller celebrates Social Media Day by joining Twitter


In my inbox today I was greeted by the news that Republican Congressman Gary Miller had not only joined Facebook, but would also be keeping us up to date via twitter, as well.

Miller’s first tweet: “Crawling out of my dinosaur cave and into the 21st century … Hello, Twitter World!”

The representative already has 39 followers at the time of this post. A sampling of some accounts he follows includes House Minority Leader John Boehner, Politico, CNN, Drudge Report, Fox News, other house representatives, and San Bernardino Sun reporter James Koren (@jrkoren).

What up, Gary? No follow back at @dgtedford? I also didn’t see fellow Leftovers contributor James Wagner (@jmswgnr) in there? My social media feelings are hurt. (UPDATE: Breaking news alert: Gary Miller is now following @dgtedford and @SGVTribune. I can now begin to pick up these tears.)

You can check out both of Miller’s new accounts at www.facebook.com/RepGaryMiller or www.twitter.com/RepGaryMiller.

For more on Social Media Day, check out this The Awl post. I laughed and then I was kind of sad, and then I watched videos about kittens and all was forgotten.

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