Council pay, a WWII vet is honored, bedbugs and the final piece in our doctor series = weekend roundup

I’m convinced bed bugs are trying to take over the world.

OK, my general fear of bugs mixed with the paranoia I have had about bedbugs for the last four years probably contributes to my earlier exaggeration. They aren’t out for world domination. Just our blood. That’s not so bad, blood is only MY LIFE FORCE!

Seriously though, the bedbug problem seems to be getting out of hand. Ben Baeder’s story today say calls about bedbugs have ballooned and that the bugs have become immune to certain pesticides.

One expert went as far as to say it is an “epidemic” of bugs. I won’t sleep for a week.

Let’s switch to a happy hero story. Remember Carl Harstine, the WWII veteran who had his American Flag stolen twice? Well, following that initial story, the community rallied behind Harstine.

An event at his home turned into a community block party. Seriously, it was like something out of a Disney film. People walked out of their homes, children rode their skateboards, people generally flocked to see Harstine presented with new flags and a pole for an overall tribute to the man. It was awe-inspiring.

Also over the weekend, we continued to look at how cities pay their executives, this time at city councils.

No councils are making outlandish pay, generally speaking. But many do receive benefits that are more common with executives: $600 car allowance, executive health benefits, reimbursement stipends.

Finally, everyone should take the time to read Rebecca Kimitch’s two-part series about how a doctor shortage could cause a health care crisis. Read the first part here and the second part here.

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Rep. Miller touts ‘Obamacare’ graphic on twitter page


Rep. Gary Miller tweeted a bubble graphic today regarding the new health care plan.

The graphic comes across daunting and it is evident Miller meant it as a critique of the plan.

But, is this how proponents of the plan would represent the health care overhaul? Probably not.

If you look down at the right hand bottom corner of the graphic, in small letters (why so small? you would think they would want to take credit for their hard work) there is attribution for the creation of the graphic to Republican Congressman Kevin Brady and Sen. Sam Brownback.

Also included in the mess are various health care websites and internet portals and how they connect from the Secretary of Health and Human Services to various campaigns. A bit redundant, I think, and it definitely adds to the garbled mess presented. What campaign doesn’t have a website? Can we just assume that information? Do these items need their own bubble and traceable line?

Here is Miller’s tweet and a link to the graphic.

“@RepGaryMiller: Welcome to ObamaCare:″

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