Citrus Walk project gets golden shovel photo op

Here’s the photo the Olson Co. sent us of their groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday.


Those are the Olson execs on the right, and one on the left. Covina council members and staffers are in the middle. Absent is Councilman Bob Low, who opposes redevelopment and the Citrus Walk project.

Construction is expected to take about two years on the downtown mixed-use project.

Not every door opens for a mayor

Covina Mayor Peggy Delach had a unusual excuse for missing Tuesday’s City Council meeting — she was stuck on the tarmac at Ontario airport because the plane’s door was stuck. This after the flight was already delayed.

Delach wound up spending a couple of hours in her seat before passengers were finally freed, and she got home around 9 p.m. At least she didn’t have to stay overnight.

Covina also adjourned its meeting in memory of Grant Parrish, father of City Manager Darryl Parrish. A former Marine and Yucaipa resident, Grant Parrish died Dec. 19 at age 90. The city manager said he had a lot of thank you cards to write after receiving well wishes from employees and residents.

The timing was rough because Parrish was in the middle of finding a new home. He had been staying in the city-owned house that will soon be torn down for the Olson Citrus Walk. Parrish moved into a new place on Badillo this week.