At Mammoth Mountain, counting the days until this…

(Mammoth Mountain photo)

(Mammoth Mountain photo)

By Jerry Rice

The 2013-14 ski and snowboard season at Mammoth Mountain is within sight. How do we know? Social media was on fire this morning after the following post was made on the resort’s Facebook page: “Dreaming of this… Only 84 days until Opening Day, 11-07-13. But who’s counting?”

Actually, many of the 80-plus people who left comments were counting the days until the season debut  – and they couldn’t contain their excitement. A sampling:

  • John Zervos: “Whoo hooooo!!!”
  • Dorian Jones: “I caaaan’t wait till the season starts!”
  • Ben Hagerman: “This is rather mean, Mammoth…. Now I’ll be thinking about it all day.”
  • Randy Rudasics : “Don’t tell Kathie but I am secretly thinking about snow too.” … (OK, Randy, we promise not to tell.)

Toshiyuki Kanai says he has a second reason to circle Nov. 7 on the calendar: It’s his birthday.

By noon, Mammoth Mountain’s post was shared 288 times and had received more than 1,800 likes.

For what it’s worth, we’re counting down too. The resort will be celebrating its 60th anniversary, and we have some special coverage planned. Stay tuned.