Landon Donovan to Club America Rumors Resurface

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Could have some validity this time around, especially given the time of year and Donovan’s interest in playing at a higher level than MLS. Will we see him wearing Club America’s colors at Home Depot Center at InterLiga in January?

Here’s the report at Univision.

And who owns Club America and Univision? Yep, same company.

Here’s the (rough) Spanish language translation as provided by colleague Gene Maddaus:

According to information from Televisa Deportes, American striker Landon Donovan could be hired by the Aguilas del America for the Clausura 2010, as it is one of the objectives of President Michel Bauer.

He could come for the Interliga.

This was mentioned on the news of Televisa Deportes, but there were no comments from the president of the Aguilas on this subject.

The Aguilas hope to have Landon Donovan for the next Torneo Interliga, which awards two seats for the following Copa Libertadores de America, and also the “azulcremas” hope that he will be their main reinforcement for the Clausura 2010.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the name of the striker has made the rounds in connection with Coapa, as last august the brother of the former U.S. national team member Alexi Lalas signaled in a column that Donovan could find himself playing one day with the Aguilas, because the Galaxy striker has all of the requirements to be an “Americanista.”

Landon Donovan is now on vacation, having finished his participation with the Galaxy, the squad that lost the MLS final to Real Salt Lake on penalties.

And here’s another report out of Mexico.

Again, the rough translation provided by Senor Maddaus:

You only have to say the name Landon Donovan in Mexico to bring us bad memories.

Maybe because a few years ago he urinated on the sacred grass of the Estadio Jalisco; maybe because he is one of the best footballers on the continent; but that because he is an American we don’t want to recognize it.

What is clear is that for six months his name has been rumored in Villa Coapa, the home of America.

Today, in the program “Estadio Total” on the “Televisa Deportes Network,” Michel Bauer spoke well of the U.S. national team member.

“He is a good player, the sort of character that any team would want to have in its ranks,” said the president of the “azulcremas”…

Donovan, who now plays for the Galaxy alongside David Beckham, has finished
his participation in the MLS, and as with the former Real Madrid star, has six months “free”, in which he usually searches for an arrangement with a European league.

Certainly Donovan’s character, his style of play and his certain “arrogance” would fit in well at America, a team that is the most obliged to win and to crush its rivals.

Who knows, but maybe the winter market can bring Donovan to America, with those who possibly, very possibly, would debut in the Torneo Interliga, which holds two tickets to the Copa Libertadores de America 2010.

No response from the Galaxy, BTW.

However, Arena reportedly said earlier today he expects Donovan back next season.

And Landon?

“We’ll know soon,” he told “From Bruce’s standpoint, that’s the plan of me being back. We’ll know soon. I haven’t had a ton of time to think about it, but we’ll figure it out shortly.”

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  • Tate

    Good riddance. what a complete tool. His quality is obvious (except for high pressure penalties sent WAY over the bar mwuahhahahaha) but just such a total lack of class.

  • Bri

    Tate must be a Chivas USA fan, Donovan is only the best field player ever produced by this country. He’s only missed like 2 penalty’s this decade…get a life dude a missed PK in MLS cup is 100 times less pressure then one in a cup qualiier.

  • tate

    Donovan fans showing their class (or lack thereof) as well….

    I didn’t question his ability, just his personality. hard to root for a guy this completely devoid of admirable personal qualities.

    so quit your b!tching find a real player to support.

  • galaxy season ticket holder

    good by donovan hope you leave today with your personal qualities

  • Nicole

    Ha ha to you haters.

    Landon’s great and you’re not.

  • John

    Donovan needs not to go to another minor league in Mexico! He needs to get better by playing in the EPL, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A or the Bundesliga. If he’s gonna blossom like we all hoped he would he needs to play against and with the best. Not in Mexico where the league is sub-par compared to elite european teams and where hes hated more than anywhere!

  • kapo d chikago

    great if landon lands in mexico city, even better for america.dale america

  • Limey

    I don’t want him to leave, he is far and away the best US born player ever. BUT, he is not good enough to play in the EPL or for a big club in Europe. Club America, wow i don’t know he just dosn’t seem tough enough to survive that enviroment to me.

  • Tate your’e an idiot

    his personal qualities? what are you looking for? he is respectful to other players, plays clean and loves his team. In my opinion not only is he the best produced US soccer player but also a perfect symbol the future of the sport in the US.

  • Richi

    If he goes to Europe… he will be benched like he was in the last two attempts of going there. If he plays for America he will get used to the harsh conditions Estadio Azteca has to offer, this will only make him better and even increase America’s chances of beating Mexico in their own stadium. Azteca has harsh conditions because of its height from sea level and heat. Players seem to get exhausted very quick playing there.

  • jesus

    Landon donovan is good and his playing style is good for club america mls sucks and he’s goin agains easy teams he should go to america for tougher competition