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i-b4300a3d29edc39b721899d72210f2de-landonappeals.jpgForward frustration: Landon Donovan appeals for a call during last week’s 1-0 U.S. loss to Paraguay (AP Photo).

Is the U.S. moving forward under Coach Bob Bradley?

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Should Coach Bob Bradley be fired if the U.S. fails to win the Gold Cup?
No, stick with Bob.
He should have been canned after last year’s World Cup.
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  • Sunil should have replaced Bob, back in the summer.

    I still feel the US underachieved in the last World Cup. Yes, we won our group but looked terrible doing so. This team never looks impressive–it’s always scrappy. We need a coach that can take the US to the next level.

    Also, his player selection is often times baffling. How is it that Jozy is an automatic for the starting 11? The guy hadn’t been getting any sort of regular time at his club teams, he’s got this incredible sense of entitlement and no fear of not making the team. He’s complacent and and Bob seems to not discourage this behavior. Going into the World Cup, Edson Buddle should have been a sure thing starter. He was on fire scoring goals and seemed to have mastered the Jabulani ball. Why the hell did he not start every game???

    Bob needs to go!


    Bob should have been canned after the last world cup. The team has done some amazing things under him, but they always seem to come out flat footed. He also seems completely unable to get any production out of anything but the 4-4-2. The 4-5-1 puts more of our best players on the pitch… though the biggest problem with this is it is dependent on our weakest player (Jozy) shining by himself up top. I don’t know know… maybe I have to give Bob a pass on that one.

    Bob will probably survive the gold cup regardless of the result for the same reason he survived after the world cup: Sunil doesn’t have anyone to take his spot. Jurgen Klinsman doesn’t seem to want the job; Bruce Arena seems to be the most capable coach in MLS (I like Bruce but re-hiring him would just be too much looking in the rear-view mirror… might as well hire Sampson.); and foreign coaches have never seemed to understand the unique dynamics of US Soccer(except Bora).

  • EvanZ

    Yes, Bob should have been fired after the last world cup. What a wasted opportunity that was if only we could have scored a few goals. And what was Bradley thinking with ROBBIE FINDLAY.

    Bob has taken the team as far as he can take them. Its time for a new coach to drive the bus.

    What really bothers me is the lack of offensive scheme. NO IMAGINATION OR CREATIVITY ON OFFENSE! That is my biggest complaint. It hasn’t changed in years.

    Whenever we play a good team like Argentina or Spain, we park the bus and wait for the 1 opportunity to score on counter-attack. If the opportunity doesn’t come, then Bob is happy that we did not lose the game–but often time we do lose anyway when we are outscored.

    Unfortunately, this defensive strategy with no offense may be good enough for CONCACAF, but it is not good enough for the World Cup or to beat the teams of any caliber. And unfortunately, I think the CONCACAF wins allow Bradley to keep his job. That, and the lack of leadership and balls of Suni Gulati.