Three in 30 secures LA Galaxy Champions League win

The CONCACAF Champions League labors in relative obscurity with scant respect.

On some game days it’s overshadowed by its more illustrious relative across the pond.

American fans, and the domestic soccer establishment for that matter, haven’t quite embraced the largely inferior regional international rivalries that prompt coaches like Bruce Arena of the Galaxy to field reserves and youngsters for what often amounts to a midweek distraction.

And even television has relegated the product to a minor channel (in the case of last night’s game, Fox Soccer Plus, which apparently hasn’t folded even if older brother Fox Soccer itself has).

But if you haven’t watched the highlights of last night’s game yet, check them out above.

Three goals in 30 minutes allowed the Galaxy to imperiously swat their opponents away while qualifying for the next stage of the competition with ease.

The first two goals came encouragingly from youngsters Jack McBean and Chandler Hoffman, while reserve veteran Laurent Courtois provided the highlight reel goal of the evening with a lovely strike.

And it was all over within the first half hour of the game.


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  • Inigo Montoya

    Some pretty service by Michael Stephens, who has been almost invisible for the past two years after being a regular starter in 2010 and 2011.

    His substitute goal from Keane’s feed in the DC game gives me hope that there may be a young man on the team who can not just shoot, but actually put the ball on frame. Otherwise, with Donovan injured, there’s no one to pair with Keane.