Oh Crutchfield …

Listen, I think Duarte’s a shoe-in to win the Montview and has a great chance to win the watered-down Mid-Valley Division, but Falcons coach Wardell Crutchfield still thinks we’re not giving them them enough credit.
I was asking Crutch about running back Chris Harris,, who rushed for over 2,100 yards last season, and like any smart coach, he said he would take Harris over anyone in the valley. No problem with that, which led to Duarte’s place in the Trib rankings, because they also have QB Austin Goldsmith back after throwing for 2,113 yards.
“We’re the best team in the valley,” Crutchfield said. Come again? I stopped him right there just to make sure I heard correctly. You mean the Montview right, or were you talking about the Mid-Valley Division? “I’m telling you we’re the best team in the San Gabriel Valley,” said the serious-toned coach. I had to ask again … Over South Hills, Los Altos, Glendora, Charter Oak, Amat and all those teams? “That’s what I’m saying,” Crutchfield said. “You’ll see. Just keep on doubting us.” I love his passion for his team, but this is what happens when you try ranking teams from different divisions, it doesn’t work. Say Duarte goes 14-0 and wins everything, does that mean they’re the best in the Valley? Amat could go 6-4 and miss the playoffs and I’d still rank them ahead of Duarte. Why, it comes down to quality victories, which means more than an overall record, especially when the toughest team the Falcons have on their schedule is probably Monrovia. I also look at shocking losses, then factor in the records considering the strength of schedule to come up with the best top ten possible. So where does that leave Duarte in the pre-season top ten? You’ll have to wait until Thursday, Aug. 30, when the previews come out.

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