Baseball Quarterfinals: Bishop Amat crushes Kaiser 13-2; Bonita beats San Gorgonio 7-0 behind another big performance from Garza; Damien’s surprise playoff run ends, 12-2

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
For those who believe the Bishop Amat High School baseball team should be competing in a much tougher division, the Lancers’ 13-2 victory over visiting Fontana Kaiser in Friday’s CIF-Southern Section Division 4 quarterfinal just fuels the debate. The second-seed Lancers (27-4) are ranked sixth in the state by Maxpreps, and march on to Tuesday’s semifinals against Torrance, which is Amat’s home game, but with Amat’s softball team at home against South Hills the same day, Amat’s baseball game might get moved to an alternate site. (To continue click thread).

Bonita Notes: Bonita’s Justin Garza improved to 13-0, allowing just two hits in six innings in a 7-0 shutout over San Gorgonio. The Cats are a win away from advancing to their second straight title game. Garza is a win away from matching Edgewood great Mike Pill’s undefeated 14-0 mark, which he did twice in 1977 and ’78 in leading Edgewood to back-to-back championships. Pill’s 14-0 campaigns are the SGV record for most wins in a perfect season.

Friday’s quarterfinal results
Division 2

Mission Viejo 12, Damien 2
Division 3
Bonita 7, San Gorgonio 0
Division 4
Bishop Amat 13, Kaiser 2

Through three rounds of the playoffs, Amat has outscored its opponents 26-3, so you can imagine the frustration for Cats coach Mike Spinuzzi, whose team also committed four errors — a recipe for disaster against the high-powered Lancers, who have sluggers like Wallace Gonzalez and Jay Anderson batting near the end of their lineup.
“We didn’t play good defense and that’s what happens,” said Spinuzzi, whose team hadn’t allowed a run in the playoffs before facing Amat.
The Sunkist League champion Cats finished 17-12.
“You can’t give a team like that extra outs,” Spinuzzi continued. “It’s a simple as that. They’re everything they’re advertised to be.”
Amat sophomore outfielder Adam Alcantara had a big afternoon, going 4-for-5 with six RBIs.
All of Alcantara’s RBIs came on clutch two-out hits. He drove in two runs in the second, third and fourth on two-out singles, helping the Lancers build an 11-2 lead.
“We had opportunities to chip away and our offense is built to score a run an inning,” Amat coach Andy Nieto said. “We had opportunities to trade an out for a run and we weren’t able to do it. When that happens, someone needs to clutch up with two-out hitting and that’s what (Alcantara) gave us today, and others got big hits with two outs. That’s the sign of a championship team.
“By no means do we think this is over, but good teams have to pick each other up offensively when things don’t go well in the inning, that’s what you saw today.”
Anderson had two triples and drove in three runs with a bases-loaded triple in the fourth.
Bernardo Zavala belted a two-run homer in the fifth and also had a double and scored twice.
Amat pitcher Daniel Zamora started and picked up the victory, going 4 2/3 innings before giving way to David Berg, who struck out four of the five batters he faced before handing off to Rio Ruiz to close the seventh. Ruiz struck out the first two, and ended it with a ground out.
“We hit the ball hard today, and that’s what’s important,” Nieto said. “Our goal is to not be a soft out, to take a firm at bat and make their defense have to make a play.”
The ending was tough on Kaiser senior pitcher Chance Fuglistahler, who pitched 5 1/3 innings and trailed 13-2 when Spinuzzi finally took him out. Christopher Mathewson came in and finished the game.
“We left the kid (Fuglistahler) out there for the simple reason he’s won 30 games in four years,” Spinuzzi said. “We asked if he wanted to come out and he’s done so much for this program, he’s going to get what he wants. He wanted to sit out there and battle until I couldn’t take it anymore. You got to give it to him for that.”

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  • DHS

    Good Luck to the Spartans, Bearcats, and Lancers. Go get’em Chad Lee.

  • Aaron


  • AmatSGV


    Any score on the baseball game for Bishop Amat?

  • Tommy Lasorda

    11-2 Amat in the 5th

  • Amat Aunt and Alum

    Update on the Amat game: Amat 13 Kaiser 2

  • Tommy Lasorda

    13-2 Amat top 7.

  • Tommy Lasorda

    13-2 final. Amat wins!

  • Tommy Lasorda

    4-0 Bonita after 1.

  • just sayin’

    so much for “not allowing a run” in the playoffs!

  • Tommy Lasorda

    6-0 Bonita in the 4th

  • AMAT 73

    Any update on the Damien score. Come on Spartans let’s make it an SGV sweep!!!!!!

  • Spartan Senior

    Damien down 9-2 in 5th

  • Tommy Lasorda

    Bonita wins 7-0 behind the 2 hit shutout of Justin Garza. Congratulations Bearcats and Lancers! Best of luck next week!

  • randy

    My mole said Sonora lost in extra innings from a walk off homer…..Palm Desert is coming fo’ ya! šŸ™‚

  • player

    who’s next for Garza’s Bonita?

  • Bad Call

    What the heck happened to Damien today? I’ll tell you! No sleep, no bats and the defense looked like 3rd graders.

    Hey Leyva, maybe next year Senior Night shouldn’t be allowed for our baseball team during a CIF run. What the hell are you thinking? Allowing Seniors to come home in the mid morning and trying to play baseball 5 hours later.

    Are you kidding?

  • Bad call-
    how about the parents taking the responsibility for this one. he is a coach, not a babysitter.

  • david rivera

    come on cif, put amat where they should be in division 1, this is a joke watching kaiser against amat. im sick and tired of amat getting placed in easy spots. put them in with edison and the division 1 teams. at least make it interesting cif,do your job for once

  • Green and Gold

    The timing of Grad Night is not the baseball coaches call. Did he want them up all night? Of course not, but this happens every year, someone always has to play the night after Grad Night. Should these boys not be allowed to attend their one and only Grad Night? Of course not. It’s part of the High School experience. It is what it is, but to place the blame on the Head Coach for Grad Night, that’s just insane. Spartans – you had a great run at CIF – you went farther than most people thought you would, and the emotions shown after the game, not for the loss, but for the realization that the Seniors will now be gone, showed how much of a TEAM you all are. Good luck to those Seniors in their futures!

  • fb102


    THIS line is FUNNY: …..who have ‘sluggers’ like Wallace Gonzalez and Jay Anderson batting near the end of their lineup.

    IF they were TRULY ‘sluggers’ they would NOT be batting so LOW in the batting order.

    Question: What do you make of ‘slugger’ Wallace Gonzalez trying to start something with Kaiser that prompted a warning from the umpires?

  • eastsider

    @david rivera,so dont you think bonita should be put on D1 also since they beat amat and have been demolishing everyone. by the way 5 teams in division 4 can play with the best in division 1. oaks christian,amat,palm desert,torrance and laguna beach.the difference between d4 and d1 is that every team is a contender and in d5 maybe 5 teams are.

  • Smoke and Mirrors


    That was funny dude. WG a slugger? Maybe these clowns should look at a .325 average, 4 extra base hits all year and 19 k’s isn’t what I would call a slugger.

    Not to mention the league they play in.

  • Priorities

    Bad Call

    I agree 100%. News flash little green and Gold and old-timer. Typical Damien excuses for there pamper kids.

    Coaches are the ones responsible for their players especially in the thick of CIF Quarters. There will always be schedule conflicts, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your team. Really come on, that is weak!

    Are your seniors going to get the chance of winning a ring again in HS? Do they and the coaches have a responsibility to the rest of the team? Is Damien only a senior base program? Is partying the night before more important or your commitment to your team?

    Get a grip, didnt you get crushed because you couldnt make plays, couldnt hit, and couldnt run down fly balls, because of what talent or tired?

    Crying after the game because its to emotional? Oh my word, now it matters and season finale sets in? Coaching matters and Leyva needs to coach up…

    Maybe little too much Mickey

  • On Blue

    I think a couple of you gents need to easr up a bit. I believe in the moment Leyva was for all inents and purposes Thee perfect High School ball coach. He recognized what was happening and realized these senior boys worked their tails off for 4 years and they get rewarded with one last night with their friends–some of which due to a catholic education have been together for 12 years–I do believe he knew and understood the circumstances and let the boys enjoy their academic acheivements–

    Congrats Bonita!! way to keep the SGV strong and proud!!

    and to my Lancers good win! stay strong boys! you know what happened last year–

    Does anyone really believe Amat has a say in which division they are placed? If that’s where they wanted to be as a school and athletic program—it would be in all sports and as a byproduct you wouldn’t see Nieto schedule the other marquee schools or prestigious tournaments

  • Priorities ur close but no cigar

    Priorities your right about the excuses. MV was the better team and Damien didn’t show any reason to doubt that.
    Priorities you right that a true baseball player would think making a run at cif is way more important than grad night.
    Where your wrong is the coach can’t teach that or make that happen. If the coach doesn’t allow the kids to make that decision there are a whole slew of other issues.
    The players themselves, sr leadership, should have stepped in and maned up. It’s there last chance at a ring, nobody else’s. They made the wrong decision period.
    As a side note parents should step in when your kid is making the wrong decision and in this case it didn’t happen. As you can tell from Green and Golds post at least one Damien senior parent doesn’t get it. Which is why this team didn’t develop the way it should have. Just go look at max reps and compare the stats for the kids that are on the roster the last 2 years

  • Witness

    Amat/Torrace game at USC on tuesday at 6:30pm.
    Wear Blue and mom’s wear son’s letterman jackets.
    Success is the best revenge…Time some pay back!
    Go AMAT!

  • Lancers

    @cry baby David Rivera
    Don’t come and watch Amat play if you don’t like it!

  • Amat Dad

    Just my opinion, but there should be some leeway given to those seniors that have grad night day before a game. Maybe instead of having to wait for the school to board the bus early morning that the parents be allowed to pick them up at a reasonable time. One can’t schedule this ahead of time because of the CIF schedule and being unable to forsee ahead to when grad night is held, so maybe a compromise could be reached…Just offering another way of thinking.

  • Fred Robledo

    Bishop Amat is hosting Torrance at USC on Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m., instead of playing a home game. Amat’s softball team is hosting South Hills at 3:30 p.m., and both can’t play at the same time because of the home run fences. Amat and South Hills softball couldn’t agree to play at 1 p.m., as was the case earlier in the playoffs when Amat softball played at 1 p.m., and Amat baseball played at 4. Isn’t that something, Amat installed the fence so it could keep its home field in the playoffs, and now they have to settle on a neutral site again, which is probably closer to Torrance.

  • Who’s Number ONE?

    Amat bloggers cry baby David Rivera come on you have got to be kidding me. Funning how when it is football, “WE ARE D1” going around the valley pounding your chests. Now during the baseball season it is a totally different theme. Based on Freds own football ratings you can’t be number one in baseball since Bonita is D3 and you guys are D4 and Bonita already beat you guys. So I have to assume that Bonita is clearly the number one baseball program in the valley no matter what happens in the playoffs, right:)

  • Priorties

    No Cigar

    Parents don’t coach Damien BB, coaches do. The coach has the final decisions for his team and is responsible for dealing with the “slew of issues”…it’s HIS JOB. Its pretty apparent that nothing was worked out before hand. Poor planning and the TEAM suffered because of it.

    Last time I checked, coaches enforce a “time to be in the room” in most sports. Are you telling me a HS coach can’t have a parent meeting and a school meeting to agree and come up with a solution.

    Bottom line, didnt happen.

    I do have the Cigar! LOL

  • just sayin’

    Who’s Number ONE? – No – Los Altos must be #1 no matter what happens in the playoffs because they beat Bonita – right?

  • check mate

    just sayin

    Didn’t you split with Bonita and there still playing? Who won league?

    Give it a rest. You suck..

  • just sayin’

    that wasn’t the argument. nothing about league or playoffs. it was said that Bonita beat Amat so they clearly are #1. can’t have argument both ways. Los Altos beat Bonita. Glendora killed them and in D2. maybe they’re #1? who’s to say Amat wouldn’t win a 2nd game causing a split. rankings are about body of work. championships are about wins against where they put you.


    just sayin’,

    You sound like an idiot, the two top teams in the valley are currently Bonita and Bishop Amat. Bonita won the only head to head game and Bonita is in D3 vs. Amat in D4 those are two valid points why Bonita would be ranked the best in SGV.

    Let me repeat real slow agains so you don’t get confused;




  • @idiot

    @idiot, it doesn’t work that way. Amat will be #1 in valley if they win out.


    So what if Bonita win’s out?

    Or both loss in the semi?

    Or both loss in the finals?

    Bonita is #1 in the SGV.

  • @idiot

    @idiot, if Amat doesn’t win it all then Bonita is #1.

  • Once again real slow ……

    So what if Bonita wins it all and Amat wins it all?

    Bonita is the BEST IN SGV?

    because ………

    Head to Head

  • @idiot

    Amat wins it all, they are best in SGV. Doesnt matter what Bonita does from here on out. Head to head means nothing- if it did then Los Altos would be ranked higher than you.
    Read this a few’ll sink in.
    Worry about who you play next and not who’s best in sgv. now go to sleep son..its passed your bed time.

  • Amat aka bottom feeders ….

    Since Amat can’t handle Divison 3 ball, plays down, what I call bottom feeders, working from the bottom up. That loss to Bonita put you right back on the bottom, sorry.

  • Lance Bishop

    The Amat Faithful do not need the #1 ranking of the SGV to validate our Team(s). Our body of work speaks for itself Overall! As a team (football,baseball,softball,soccer, basketball,swim,etc,etc) as a School and as a FAMILY! Any team can lose a game in any sport. A loss does not deminish our accomplishments nor does it proclaim us as superior to “all” of our competitors. It is but a piece of our overall experience in being members of The Bishop Amat Family. Our wins AND our loses all contribute to the reasons that we have such pride in Bishop Amat Athletics. Because in the end, Lancers always compete with pride, honor and respect for our opponents. Steadfast Loyal and True (no matter what the ranking).Go Lancers, Go Big Blue!!!

  • Nuff said

    Maxpreps’ Impartial California State Rankings … Amat No. 3; Bonita No. 20 …’nuff said

    1 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) CA 24-6 13-2 15.9 11.6 —
    2 Edison (Huntington Beach, CA) CA 25-4 14-1 15.9 11.3 -2
    3 Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) CA 27-4 12-0 15.7 8.5 +2
    4 Esperanza (Anaheim, CA) CA 22-10 9-3 15.4 11.7 +2
    5 JSerra Catholic (San Juan Capistrano, CA) CA 24-5 12-3 15.4 11.1 -3
    6 Lakewood (CA) CA 29-4-1 11-1 15.2 8.7 -1
    7 Valencia (CA) CA 21-7 12-3 14.3 10.5 -1
    8 El Toro (Lake Forest, CA) CA 25-8 9-3 14.2 10.8 -6
    9 Woodrow Wilson (Long Beach, CA) CA 26-6 10-2 14 8.2 +3
    10 Santa Barbara (CA) CA 23-6 11-1 13.9 8.5 +9
    11 JW North (Riverside, CA) CA 25-7 10-4 13.6 9 +8
    12 Palm Desert (CA) CA 27-4 11-1 13.5 7.4 +2
    13 Orange Lutheran (Orange, CA) CA 15-14-1 6-9 13.3 11.8 -5
    14 Vista Murrieta (Murrieta, CA) CA 22-6 13-2 13.3 9.6 -8
    15 Hart (Newhall, CA) CA 21-7 11-4 13.1 10.6 -7
    16 Mission Viejo (CA) CA 21-13 8-4 13.1 9.9 +7
    17 Harvard-Westlake (North Hollywood, CA) CA 22-8 10-2 13 9.4 -17
    18 Pacifica (Garden Grove, CA) CA 24-8 10-2 12.9 8.5 -20
    19 Etiwanda (CA) CA 17-11 6-9 12.6 9.9 +9
    20 Bonita (La Verne, CA) CA 27-4 11-1 12.6 6.6 +1
    21 Simi Valley (CA) CA 19-11 9-5 12.5 9.9 -12
    22 Arcadia (CA) CA 26-3 14-0 12.4 5.8 +17
    23 Capistrano Valley (Mission Viejo, CA) CA 20-12 6-6 12.4 10.6 -1
    24 Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA) CA 23-6 10-2 12.4 9 +4
    25 Torrance (CA) CA 27-5 10-0 12.3 6.9 +9

  • Choke

    Are you actually trying to say a computer generated ranking is quality. If I remember correctly your highly ranked maxprep football program choked in the big games this season. Wait what about your highly rank maxprep baseball program last year, yes they also choked.

    I guess looking back on it that’s all you guys can be proud of where you are ranked in maxprep, we don’t want to talk about how you finish do we.

  • Who cares?

    Not that it matters but Bonita is 2-0 with a win over the #3 ranked team and BA is 2-4 against the top 25. Kudos for playing a tough schedule, just not much to show for it all. Of course the only thing that matters is getting 2 more wins. Good luck to both and with Arcadia the SGV could sweep div. 2, 3 and 4.

  • who cares?

    By the way Nuff Said, this is not the state rankings. This is the section rankings.

  • just sayin’

    Who’s #1, Who Cares, Idiot, and the rest – uuummmm , you were saying?