More on Mbah a Moute

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute started in three straight NCAA Final Fours in his career at UCLA. Only a handful of other basketball players can claim that.
He is the first since Andre Hutson and Charlie Bell of Michigan State (1999-2001) and the first Bruin to do it since Bill Walton, Jamaal Wilkes and Greg Lee (1972-74)
“After speaking to my family and going through the process, I feel like the time is right for me to take the next step in my basketball career and keep my name in the NBA Draft,” said Mbah a Moute. “I had the greatest time of my life at UCLA. Starting in three-straight Final Fours and winning three straight Pac-10 titles is something I’ll never forget. I will be a Bruin forever.”

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  • sactownbruin

    while we may not agree with his decision, Luc has been a great player for us for 3 years and I wish him all the best. thank u Luc, ill be rooting for u.

  • Biff

    Could have stayed at UCLA and increased his range from two feet to eight feet, then he might have had a sliver of a chance in the NBA. Would have been nice if he could have made a couple of his three footers vs. Memphis. He won’t be selected and he won’t stick in the NBA and I hope UCLA doesn’t pay for his last year if he decides to try to get his degree. I’m sure he is a great guy but I look at it as some of these guys use UCLA as a stepping stone with the plan to leave as early as possible. So if they leave early…farewell. I don’t know if an 8.8 pt. and 6 rebound division I player will even make it in Europe. At least this will open up a lot of minutes for Stepheson if he decides to attend.

  • Lloyd Lake

    Good Luc(k) to Luc. Sounds like he was on the fence until the very last moment. Must have been a very difficult decision for him.

    Wow, some of these comments… I didn’t know NBA scouts commented on these blogs. Or could it be Stan Love commenting…

  • Jake

    I’m happy for Luc. I feel like he’s been waiting to go for the past two years so its good that he’s finally reaching his goal. He’ll make it to the NBA and will make some good money. Luc didn’t “use” UCLA, they just worked together. UCLA makes millions, Luc gets a scholarship. I don’t think UCLA will be crying over the losing any players that contributed to the long tournament runs the past 3 years.


    I don’t usually call out bloggers but Lloyd Lake followed Biff’s sarcastic, caustic, negative, holier-than-thou comments, and could not believe it. Believe it. The Biff’s of the world don’t get it, never will get it, and make life for everyone around them that much more difficult.

  • Bruin Billy

    What’s truly unbelievable is the original Prince of Trolls calling out another blogger for making “sarcastic, caustic, negative, holier-than-thou comments.”

    That’s GOLD, Jerry!

  • Art Vandelay Jr.

    I hope he makes it but there are a lot of guys with a lot of talent in the NBA. I thought Jelani McCoy was a hell of a player and he is in the developmental league. I’m no GM but there were like 15-20 guys playing in the Pac-10 last season I thought were better than Luc. However, Stuart Gray played in the NBA for 7 years so why not Luc? The guy could graduate from UCLA in 3 years and a quarter after having played basketball at this level. That’s like 20 units a quarter assuming he took summers off. Incredible.

  • bruins103

    I believe its in his best interest to leave, he has proven his strength on the defensive end and knowledge of the game. under howland’s system its not likely he can improve his offense much if he stays another yr, considering he’s already had 3 yrs to work on his offense. his stock will not go up any further next yr by sticking around. it’s questionable whether he will make it in the nba, but i think it’s a wise risk he’s taking.

  • Fan4Life

    I’m sure Luc is saddened he is leaving so many loving fans behind.

  • Fan4Life

    I’m sure Luc is saddened he is leaving so many loving fans behind.

  • Elmo

    Astute assessment by bruins103.

  • BruinFaithful

    I have three words: Dumb Dumb Dumb. Sheer stupidity. For all his intelligence in the classroom and on the court, it seems it didn’t transfer to this process. He didn’t listen to Howland’s or the Scout’s advice. I wish him the best, but this was not a wise decision. It’s sad to see kids make career ruining decisions like this.

    He must have gotten that second round guarantee he was looking for. However, this means NOTHING. A team could easily renig on that guarantee, if a better player is available. He’s taking a huge gamble. I have NEVER heard Ben Howland getting upset about any other player leaving early. That alone should tell you enough. Good luck Luc, you’re going to need it. At least he will have a GREAT education to fall back on, unlike other Dumbos.