An idea?

I know some folks recommended an offbeat Q&A session with a player each week. Questions like ‘What’s in your ipod, favorite cereal or whatever, and I’m thinking I could start it this week.
Please vote below if you want me to do that.
Also, post ONE question and give me the ONE player you would like to hear from this week, and that is how I will determine it. But please post the ONE question and ONE player by noon Wednesday.
I’m thinking of a quick-hitting 10 questions so folks can learn more about their favorite players.

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  • BruinGuy

    Ask them what their favorite video game is.

  • Sam Gilbert

    I’m going to vote for not asking them questions.

    If they answer questions for this blog then they’re probably going to read a few of the other topic threads posted here when checking the responses to their own Q & A.

    Look at the history of all the “fans” posting on this blog saying they have not heart.

    That can’t be good for confidence.

  • Anonymous

    I voted yes but I hope it does not fall on a friday. I love friday’s q&a but it is overwhelming going through each post and adding more would be like having too much cheesecake.

  • ProdigalBruin


    Let’s interview Brian Price!

    Q: When will Coach Chow call your # and let you carry the ball on a goal-line play? How would you like to score a TD on the Offensive side of the ball?

  • Bailey

    Thanks, Brian.

    Brigham Harwell

    What do you want to do after playing football?

  • VB

    To Brian Price:

    You are a monster out there! Any chance you will stay for your senior year?

  • JOhn Marshall

    Reggie Carter

    Favorite professor since you’ve been @ UCLA?

  • BruinGirl

    Player: Terrence Austin
    Question: What did you eat before the Fresno State game??

  • uclaike

    Brian Price

    Who would win an arm-wrestling contest between you and Brigham Harwell?

  • Terrence Austin

    To VB:

    You are the best fan there is! Thank you for being brutally honest about my style of play. Because of you, I improved drastically on kickoff returns last game! You da’ man!

  • VB

    LOL… Dohn erased my post because I called someone a liberal. pffffffffffff…

  • PUSC 2

    Brian Price

    Who’s the biggest eater on the team?

  • PUSC 2


    i feel ya bruddah, i can’t logon with my PUSC username anymore, i get permission denied.

    now i’m back as PUSC 2

  • Anonymous

    Brian Price:

    How many Diddy Reese cookies do you think you can eat in one sitting?

  • Bailey

    VB and USC 2…I don’t feel for either of you. Let’s keep this blog all about Bruins and not about politics, etc.

    I’m glad Brian deleted the post and I’m sure I’m not alone!

  • lbcbruin


    If you didn’t play football what sport would you be playing right now? what position?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    VB, let’s see if it is an autofilter:

    Perhaps is a liberal amount of questions are asked we can expect a fair amount of response. If, on the other hand, the number of questions asked is conservative, the level of response may be marginal.

    (Let’s see if this get filtered)

  • Anonymous

    Reggie Carter,

    Prefer playing inside or outside linebacker more?

  • bz

    Player: Brian Price (who else?)

    Question: What other schools did yo think about attending and how did you finally decide on UCLA?

  • Rob

    Player: Pat Cowan
    Question: In a cage match between Superman and Mighty Mouse, who would win? Why?

  • Anonymous

    Reggie Carter
    Whos your favorite NFL player current or past?

  • Anonymous

    Alterraun Verner:
    Whats your favorite song(s) to listen to on Gamedays??

  • matt

    Al Verner.

    favorite westwood restaurant?

  • g2ucla


    What do you think of the comparison people have of Maurice Drew, and yourself?

  • Rahim Moore….. what do u do when the other kids are partying?? How do u feel that EA sports made u kinda slow in the NCAA game? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Aundre Dean:
    Favorite activity to do in California?

  • ReelBruin2

    Don’t feel bad VB. He erased mine too for calling you on it.

  • Sources

    I’d like to see it, but I would look forward to questions a little more specific. so instead of, say:
    “what’s one your iPod?”
    Answer: Hip-Hop.

    something like “what songs get you pumped up to play football? and why?”
    Answer: “‘Stronger’ by Kanye West. the lyrics are just inspiring.

    You mentioned how many of the guys you deal with are good guys. Let them shine through a little.

  • tustindave

    How do you confirm which players have received actually scholarship offers compared to the ones that say they did but really never get one. That being said, which linemen seem likely to commit.

  • Johnny Angel

    Ultimate Cheeseburger or Macho Burrito?

  • Anonymous

    Reggie Carter/or the Player that is choosen

    Whos your favorite all-time Bruin Athlete??