And then there was one …

Who would have thought Arizona, one of the last teams to get into the field, is the last Pac-10 team alive in the NCAA Tournament?

Are you rooting for Arizona because it’s in the Pac-10?
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  • MaltBaa

    How interesting would it be if arizona makes it to the final four and they still fire the coach??

  • rejn

    Who said any UCLA people are rooting for Arizona??? I’m NOT!

  • Anonymous

    This poll says that UCLA people are rooting for UA, even if you’re not.

  • HomeBru

    I’m not rooting for zona because they’re Pac 10, I’ll be rooting for them because they’re a 12 seed playing a 1. Unless you’re a fan of Louisville, don’t you want to see an exciting upset?

  • solomonbruin

    I would root for Arizona because Lute Olson is no longer there;he was as arrogant an individual as I ever met.

  • Steve

    Any of the Pac-10 schools would have been in the sweet-16, if they had gotten Cleveland St. in the 2nd round. Arizona just got a lucky break.

    Too bad American didn’t finish off Villanova. šŸ™


  • Anonymous

    You’ve met Lute Olson?