Forcier to transfer

Just got word that quarterback Chris Forcier has been given his release and is transferring from UCLA.
“He has been granted his release and he’s exploring other options,” UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said.

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  • Anonymous

    good luck Chris…but yes!…opens up another scholie


    University of Phoenix bound!!

  • devildog_bruin

    It’s in his best interest because I don’t think he was gonna get any playing time, good luck.

  • GuttyLittleBruins25

    Good Luck Kid. He is gonna be fun to watch someday if he is given a chance, but I am glad that he has decided to move on.


    He redshirted one year. He will have to sit out a year if he goes D-1. Would that leave him 2 or 3 years left?

    I can see USD (San Diego) which is his hometown and he could play immediately.

    Maybe Michigan to back up his little brother? Man would that crush the ego.

  • ev

    And so it begins, expect Crissman and/or Prince to do the same either this year or next. You can not stockpile QBs like other positions and keep bringing in highly ranked kids behind them.

  • Anonymous

    Hey ev. Tell that to suc. Anyway, why would Prince transfer? He’s in the mix to be our starting QB.

  • Anonymous

    Prince won’t transfer. Even if he lost the starting job to Brehaut or Craft, he’d be either the starter or the first backup next year.

  • Anonymous

    you cannot stockpile qb’s? are you serious? that should be one of the position you would most want to stockpile.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    “Osaar is not in the mix?” (. . . he said SARCASTICALLY)

    The fact that he is moving on tells you a bit about how the coaching staff has evaluated Prince and Brehaut. Craft is #2 or #3 at best. My best guess is going out of spring — into fall — and out of fall camp — Prince #1; Brehaut #2; Craft #3. (Although 2 and 3 are close if the staff is intent on redshirting Brehaut.)

  • ev

    You assume just because Prince is in the mix now he won’t transfer later. There are too many examples of that happening to list. Remember Prince isn’t just looking at Brehaut, but whoever comes in for ’10 also (and Crissman if he stays). If Prince doesn’t win the starting job this year or next, he has every reason to leave because he will never start. It’s the reason Forcier is leaving, he knows he will never start at UCLA.

    No you can’t stockpile “top” QBs and SUC isn’t doing it either. They didn’t take a QB in the ’08 class and there was a year between Corp and Sanchez (Green being much lower ranked). Mustain doesn’t count since he was a transfer and comes in with a differnt mindset. Keep in mind they have four scholarship QBs on the roster, UCLA had six (more importantly they are all young).

  • Anonymous

    so you really think that if you get a top rated QB you should not try to get anymore top rated QB’s the next year? you realize that the QB position is the most important, and if your #1 QB gets hurt you are fine with having only a decent player to back him up?

    I still do not agree that you can’t stockpile “top” QB’s. It doesn’t hurt the program at all to do that. So C.Force is leaving (good luck to him btw) but it doesnt hurt the program any. He is leaving, because like you said he knows he will not get playing time. That is good news to me, because that means he has seen these other QB’s and knows they are good.

    I say keep stockpiling them, the ones that leave will be the less talented ones. Is that so bad?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    I figured this would happen but I thought C-Force would wait to see how he fared during spring drills. Apparently he didn’t want to wait and importantly, there is a logjam at the receiver position so a position change was not in the cards.

    He’ll have 2 years of eligibility following the one year to sit out. He may head to SDSU, but will NOT go to USD as that is a non-scholarship Football Subdivision school. I’m guessing anywhere that runs a variation of the spread will be his likely destination to utilize his running skills. Initial guesses are Utah and Mizzou.

    Regardless, best wishes to Chris.

  • Anonymous

    “Mustain doesn’t count because he was a transfer and comes in with a different mindset.” Nice argument.

    Aren’t we talking about stockpiling “top” QBs? Yes, suc does it – three of the four you mentioned are very much “top” QBs. And now they have Matt Barkley coming in this year.

    SUC has four “top” QBs. We may have six QBs on the roster, but how many of them would you classify as “top”? I say let’s bring in more and raise the level of competition.

  • amm

    Hope he finds a school that fits him best.

  • Cheeseburger

    His other brother just transferred out of Stanford not to long ago.

  • Old School

    One “Anonymous” says this: “I say keep stockpiling them, the ones that leave will be the less talented ones. Is that so bad?”

    I guess you ASSUME the ones leaving are less talented. But how do you know that for certain? Maybe he’ll go on and be a star someplace else.

    And why are UCLA folks always comparing themselves to USC? Let the Bruins stand on their own two feet. It’s that kind of inferiority complex that keeps the football rivalry from becoming serious again.

  • Bruingold82

    Does C-Force not remember Spring Practice last year? He may be the only non-injured starter by the 2nd week of practice.

    *knock on wood*

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t fit in the offense, and that’s it. He’s going to be a good player somewhere else that has some sort of spread offense.

    And “Old School” its not a inferiority complex, that “anonymous” meant that since a good football program can stock pile at the QB position, then every program that wants to be as good would probably wise to do the same.

    Good luck to Chris Forcier.

    GO BRUINS!!!!

  • bbruin

    Ev, not to bash, but you dont know what you are talking about.

    Prince wont transfer, he is a CRN/NC recruit. Neither he or Brehaut have even played one down of college FB yet. Last year we lost our top two QBs in ONE day of spring practice. Crissman is totally unknown and injured (and a CKD recruit). He is the guy playing catch up, but who knows.

    Why do you think CRN is looking at Witt? The guy is a freaking QB and QB coach. Cforce left because he wasnt a prostyle QB/fit.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why people would get down on Garrett Green, he was the #22 ranked QB in his class and that was good enough to get offers from USC, Nebraska and UCLA. Hell, he’d probably be starting for the Huskers and Bruins.

    Give Norm Chow something half-descent to work with and he’ll give you a Heisman winner.

  • neverme

    I’m not sure the transfer imformation about Chris is accurate. A permission to contact letter is not the same as a request to be released.

  • haskies

    sandiegobruinfan said:

    “He’ll have 2 years of eligibility following the one year to sit out. He may head to SDSU, but will NOT go to USD as that is a non-scholarship Football Subdivision school”

    not so fast SD, they give out “academic” scholies all the time..