Richardson recruiting update

Receiver Paul Richardson, who de-committed from UCLA last week, said the Bruins remain in the race for his services, but he feels markedly more comfortable after opening up his recruitment.
“I felt relieved after (the decision),” Richardson said. “I’ve felt more comfortable since I de-committed. I committed too early, and then I felt guilty when I was talking to other schools.”
Richardson, who will play for Serra High next season after transferring from Los Alamitos, was the top receiver at the combine during the weekend.
He said he wants to take at least four recruiting trips, but and added his list of schools is lengthy.
“UCLA is still high on my list,” Richardson said.

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  • BooBoo

    Was Richardson “the” top receiver at the combine, over Kenny Stills? Or just one of the top receivers? I know that the position coaches sometimes vote on who is the combine MVP for each position.

  • pr

    I only weep for their futures on the b list(bouncers, busboys and bartenders) if they don’t make to the nfl. don’t see very many pat haydens on that list (rhodes scholars) They are a talented bunch, but 90% could not get into UCLA. The only thing under scrutiny here in Westwood is our renegade tennis team.

  • Nathan Exp

    Good luck in making the best informed decision he can. Also hope that UCLA does not spend too much time on him.

  • gubon13

    Kid, commitments are about character. They are seldom easy and rarely provide the kind of instant relief that lack of commitment can. Just ask my wife, who likely would have smothered me in my sleep by now if not for the commitment she made down at city hall…

    Wait, what are we talking about again?


    Yeah 36 players could make the UCLA squad if they had half a brain!That why they are at SUC!