Forcier’s press release

Here is a press release I received from the family of Chris Forcier regarding his decision to transfer from UCLA to Furman so he may continue playing quarterback:

Red Shirt Sophomore Quarterback

A Rivals/Scouts (4) Star, Class of 2007 and LAST YEARS BACK-UP UCLA QB is leaving UCLA to continue his career at “FURMAN UNIVERSITY” a top selective private academic institution located in Greenville, South Carolina, arguably Division 1 AA toughest football conference.

(3) Years of Eligibility
Spring Ball times, 40 yd dash were 4.35, 4.38 (Sub 4.4 forty)
Broad Jump, 10 feet, 2 inches
Rivals/Scout (4) Star #7 Dual Threat, 6’3 , 202 lbs.
(2) Time California All State QB
Honor Roll Student
St Augustine High School San Diego
(2) CIF Championship – Back-to-Back, including several come
from behind victories.
Brothers are both Div 1 QB’s
(Tate is projected Starter for the Michigan Wolverines)

Game Highlights

Statement of Facts

Fact: I was a National Recruit out of High School including multiple Pac-10 offers.

Fact: I was a (4) Star QB labeled as a dual-threat. I learned a complicated offense that calls for a pocket passing QB.

Fact: I’m a life long UCLA Fan. I love UCLA Football. Most Bruin fans have been very supportive/good people.

Fact: I’ve always worked hard in the classroom as a student athlete where I’ve been recognized as a UCLA Honor Roll student.

Fact: I’ve competed hard in games and on the practice field, in film and meetings where I’ve always come prepared, attentive, always taking notes.

Fact: I believe my UCLA teammates respect me, especially the defense since my freshman year including past D-Coordinator Coach Walker.

Fact: I was practice player of the week as a freshman multiple times.

Fact: New QB Coach Norm Chow and New Head Coach Rick Neuheisel have brought in and played since day (1) their own guys (Quarterbacks)
i.e. Kevin Craft.

Fact: In late February New QB Coach Norm Chow told me that the younger guys would get most of the QB reps in Spring Ball.

Fact: This is a pattern nationally. When New Coaches come in, they recruit their own guys, especially at the quarterback position. It’s just like the corporate world, New Owners bring in New Management. With that being said, I do not fault them.

Fact: In early March 2009, after seeing the writing on the wall, I reluctantly requested a meeting with Coach Neuheisel. In our meeting, I respectfully requested a “Permission to Contact Letter” NCCA bylaws Personal request attached, not to be confused with a ‘Release” as it was inaccurately reported by Brian Dohn of Inside UCLA, the Bruin Report and a few others.

Fact: My heart is at the Quarterback position. I have several solid options around the country to play. My quandary is and always has been that I also love UCLA.

Fact: I’ve always been a “team player” and have done what has been asked of me. Including but not limited to practicing WR in this years spring ball. Not to be confused with moving permanently to the position as it was again inaccurately reported.

Fact: In 2007, I was (1) of the top (7) Quarterbacks in the country. However, none of that matters unless there is true opportunity to compete afforded.

Fact: I have reached my decision “Furman University” Greenville, South Carolina.

Fact: I like and believe in Head Coach Bobby Lamb’s system and style. I am looking forward to the challenges at Furman University.

Fact: I would like to wear #7 as I did in High School at Saint Augustine in San Diego, California.

Fact: I want to be part of the “Greatness of Fuhman University” academic’s.

Editor’s Note: Forcier states “he requested a “Permission to Contact Letter” NCCA bylaws Personal request attached, not to be confused with a ‘Release” as it was inaccurately reported by Brian Dohn of Inside UCLA, the Bruin Report and a few others.”

I am noting I reported what UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said when I was informed Forcier was looking elsewhere. Here is the link to the entry in question.

  • lavsmousse

    The Forciers don’t seem to be big fans of the local press media. Hope things work out better for Chris than they did for Ryan McCann when he transferred to a Div 1-AA school.

  • sactownbruin

    this is the strangest press release I have ever seen. bullet point? didn’t he learn how to write an essay in any of his classes? well, i hope that his dream of playing QB in college works out for him because he doesn’t seem to have a future in the NFL at QB. and how about the shot at our man Brian? wow. dude is bitter. maybe if he were a better QB there wouldn’t be a need for this. I will never understand why guys like forcier and ossar don’t see the writing on the wall and realize that not everyone can play QB. these guys are elite athletes and are limiting their chances by being so stubborn. i understand everyone has a dream, but be realistic.

  • Anonymous

    lol i agree sactown….strange release lmao. this is likely his dad’s idea. i saw a video on forcier and his family. They own a limo rental buisness in sd.

  • sbt

    Stay classy, Forciers. Keep up those “acadamic’s.”

  • Ryan

    Which of the statements above are facts?

    “I want to be part of the “Greatness of Fuhman University” academic’s.” LOL!

  • pr

    Fact: Old Man Forcier is Brians #1 Fan
    Fact: North Campus Honor Roll Students don’t count
    Fact: Kevin Craft was better than you(sad but true)

  • spedjones

    you guys beat me to it. must be easier to hit that UCLA honor roll now than it used to be when I wa’s, I mean was, there.


    It does not surprise me, another greasy move by Coach Rick Neuheisal. Running this Forcier fellow out of town and then turning around and telling the media that the Forcier fellow asked for a release. The greasy move is that Coach comes out smelling like a rose because it appears that he is doing the Forcier fellow a favor by granting him a “release”.

    The evidence is clear that this Forcier fellow bleeds blue and gold, and that his heart was in the right place. Too bad that the UCLA football programme and some of its fans don’t feel the same.

    Call it what you will, and many on here have tried to put sugar on a bird, but deliberately over-signing players over the scholarship limit is a greasy move.


  • Tustin Dave

    Forcier is a nice polite young man. Good head on his shoulders, but like his brother Jason, he didn’t make it at a big D-1 school. I think the move to 1AA is the best thing for him. I wish him well and find it interesting that his main regret about UCLA was that he felt the new coaches wanted their own guy. This happens all the time in football and I hate it.

    I will root for Chris to do well at Furman. It is sad that so many people assumed that the coaches were going to pull his scholarship. The fact that he was recognized by the coaches for being a great practice player doesn’t sound like someone that was blackballed as some have suggested. His talents will be able to be displayed in a smaller program. Let’s wish him the best.

  • Bruin_67

    Paralegal John,

    As always you have completely misread the situation. Why is coach Neuheisal at fault for nudging an underachieving QB towards a transfer? Forcier is no different that Aundre Dean and Raymond Carter in that none of them were as good as they, and UCLA thought they would be. Bottom line is when you are attempting to rebuild a program you must make tough decisions in regards to scholarships. Forcier’s leaving is best for all party’s involved. Before you speak up, have an idea…

  • Tristan


    I completely agree with Bruin_67, clearly Forcier’s high game didn’t translate into his college one. Would you rather have a coach “sensitive” to an average’s player’s feelings and compromise the quality of the team? Absolutely not. Sure you want everyone involved in a sports team to have fun, but the reality, especially at the college level and above, is that winning is everything. I don’t want to see anymore 4-8 seasons and I doubt you do either.

  • Bruins095

    Forcier wants to play as he should. That is the bottom line. The reality is that he was probably never going to see the field. The QB situaion has been terrible, but he and the other QBs were just not ready. The writing has been on the wall for some time. The coaches talked to Chris and Osaar about moving to WR. This seemed pretty clear. QBs tranfer from almost every program at some point. This is very common when programs bring in new coaches. The Forciers seem like nice kids, I wish him the best of luck.

    Receptionist John, also despised on the blog of his fake school.

  • Shawn Combs

    This is not the first time Brian Dohn has reported inaccurate information, and he always covers it up by saying, “thats what i was told from my sources.” Poor journalism skills Mr. Dohn, as the kids say these days, “step your game up!”

  • TruBruin

    Wait, isnt your name Diddy now….as in you dont know Diddy. When a player ask for a “Permission to Contact Letter” it is basically synonymous with asking for or being granted a release. Peoples ego’s are effected by the word release but the truth is that nearly all underclassmen that ask for the “Permission to Contact Letter” are “released” from the program.
    Forcier would not be starting at any of the other 9 Pac-10 schools. The truth is. sometimes highly touted recruits are not as good as billed. Good luck to him in the future

  • TruBruin

    Some of you people are simply clueless when it comes to managing scholarships. Lawyer John calling someone greasy is a bit like the kettle calling the pot black!
    Nick Saban has signed 27,32,and 25 players in his first 3 years at Alabama. Do the math you tools thats 84 scholies in 3 years. Where do you think he is getting his scholarships for next year or do you think he is just going to skip a year. Competition forces the weaker players out. That is the way it is, its big time college football and its not all rosey all the time. Nobody is forced to sign with a team, the player chooses where to go to school. Schools are going to recruit another QB in just about every recruiting class. When a blue chipper comes along and starts as a freshman a-la Cade McvKnown another highly touted QB like Drew Bennett didnt get the chance to play. Then you have a choice, move on to another school or switch positions. If Toledo was smarter he would have played Drew more at WR because the guy has had an all pro carreer in the NFL ar WR. There was not all this crying about guys leaving when Dorrell came in and weeded out the rotten eggs and replaced them with players that layed eggs.

  • silverlake-bruin


    Would it really have killed you to correct “academic’s” for the kid. He’s 19 and clearly emotional about this. This hasn’t gone through an agent or pr people, its from his heart, and maybe a little bit of compassion would have been the better tact, rather worrying about CYA about what you reported on his transfer request.

  • Anon

    Fact: This is a bizarre press release if I’ve ever seen one.

  • nyc bruin


    But I suppose you’re all for Pink Floyd running off Diarra and Smith…

    Of course now that the rest of the $C team jumped ship he’s begging them to come back just to field a team. Pathetic.

  • so west Coast

    dude needs to go easy on the quotation marks

    but seriously, let’s all say it together……Furman?????

  • rejn

    Hmmm, I wonder if it takes a grease ball to know one….

  • anon

    Good luck Chris at Furman.

    Like the corporate world, decisions have to be made and sometimes there are casualties no matter what direction it goes. The one good thing is that you have choices and the coaches made their choice. I’m going to believe Norm Chow and CRN know what they’re doing. I have a vivid recollection of Forcier going into the game when Craft had his clocked clean and the Bruins getting negative yardage on the first play.

    Forcier’s made his choice and hopefully it works out.

    I sometimes wonder was Forcier really that good that Dorrell didn’t want to waste his redshirt year or was he really not that good. Hmmm…

  • Anonymous

    “Fact: the flu virus can live on surfaces for days.”

    did anyone else notice the Lysol ad above this post in the main blog includes the “Fact” above?

    I think it’s funny.

  • Anonymous

    silverlake-bruin said:
    “Would it really have killed you to correct “academic’s” for the kid…and maybe a little bit of compassion would have been the better tact,”

    Well maybe a little bit of common sense would have been the better tact in your request. Why should Dohn have to do this? I don’t see editor next to his job description. You’ve just asked a beat writer to change someone’s “press releases.” Are you seriously asking a reporter to change someone’s words so that the “reporter” can come across as more compassionate? Do you even realize what you are asking Dohn to do?

    Mr. Dohn, thank you for reporting and not editorializing.

  • throw46

    Two down and one to go. (Hear that Tate/)

    Forciers’ are “CUT & RUNNERS”

    They have been doing this kinda thing since before High School.
    Loyalty just does not fit into the equation.
    This damage control press release is typical of
    how big the Forciers heads all are.
    I thought Chris was the least of the Big Heads,
    with Tate having the biggest.

    The Forciers have done well to get free eductions but it’s coming to an end.

  • La Femme Bruin

    Best of luck, C-Force. It’s sad since he wanted to be a Bruin, but sometimes things don’t work out. Hopefully he’ll have a great collegiate career at Furman and make it to the pros.

    Come on people…no need to bash the guy. It’s a tough spot to be in. Just wish him luck and be on your merry way.

  • tar heel troll

    another case of a well-meaning kid with an inflated ego and no editor. Almost none of this needed to be shared; maybe he’ll learn the arts of discretion & subtlety in the genteel south…

  • JonTheBruin

    legal secretary John,

    Kevin Craft was bad last year, and there is no sugar coating it. However by all accounts, there was a consensus by all folks that CForce was considerably worse then Craft.

  • Michigan fan

    Michigan fan here, I’m not going to lie, the Forcier family is the strangest family I’ve ever heard of. And I’m saying this with the knowledge that Chris’ younger brother, Tate, is going to be our starting QB this season. I’m sure you guys have probably seen their website,

    Hope to God that the family’s huge head isn’t going to be Tate’s downfall, but time will tell….

  • CMW

    Just visited their website. Love the philosophical quotes. Could this family be any more narcissistic? As always, blame goes to the dad for living vicariously through his kids. They’ll be lucky if they don’t end up like Todd Marinovich or Ryan Leaf.

  • A1Duckfan

    Very odd. He lists an opinion as fact.

    “Fact. I believe my UCLA teammates respect me.”

    Here’s what I have to say about that…Fact. This guy is nuts.

  • throw46

    A1Duckfan said:
    “…Fact. This guy is nuts.”

    Didn’t you know ALL the Forciers’ are NUTS?
    FACT. LOL.

  • Ugutties

    Fact: Trojan rejects (Holland, Moody) are still talented enough to play for top Div 1A schools, Bruin rejects drop to Div 1AA.

    Fact: Trojans will again dominate the Pac-10 while the Bruins struggle to get to .500, not to mention getting another beatdown USC-style.


  • Logan_5

    Hey, GOOD LUCK, Chris! Way to state your case and solidify your base at the same time.

    In the future, we might need a brief primer on fact/opinion analysis as well as a quick ‘possessives’ review.

    All good though. No Haters Here.

  • Gary69Gine

    Very unoriginal press release. They copied it straight from another website:


    1. Ninjas are mammals.
    2. Ninjas fight ALL the time.
    3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.

  • jr

    I have no reason not to believe what the kid has thrown down here. The No. 1 thing I get out of it, though, is this:

    Individuals should be absolutely certain that they have the literary chops to pull off something like this press release. Forcier comes off looking like a jock trying to be an academic.

  • PuckPolitics


    Well you better know what yer doin’ kid.

    Because you might be able to throw like Hayes but you hit (write) like shit.

  • D2B

    As a Bruin fan, I have seen many practices. I have seen Forcier’s ability on the field. He is the real deal and something is not right when he didn’t even get an opportunity to overtake the disaster the was Kevin Craft last year. The people that say that he just isn’t good enough to play obviously haven’t seen him play. It is a shame that the coaching staff could not recognize his ability. I wish Forcier all the best. If UCLA continues to struggle at the QB position, then this will be especially disappointing. Go Bruins!

  • Tim H.

    I looked at that family website. Does the Manning family have a website? BTW what about arm strength with regards to website’s Ball Speed emphasis. There is more to life than football. You shoot for the stars and land on the moon. You have reached far greater heights than many. I would have loved to have just been on a DIV 1 Football team or gotten a degree from a school such as UCLA. This family obviously has very great ambitions in atletics for it’s kid’s. Manning family is famous because it’s so rare.

  • Joe Westwood

    This release has overzealous, crazy father of an athlete written all over it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the dad wrote it and Chris was so frustrated he just signed it. The kid still has to prove himself on the field. Wasn’t he the one with the hitch in his throw anyway? Why didn’t he just stay as a receiver? The same exact thing worked out for Drew Bennett(receiver for the Rams), except Drew was an incredible athlete; guy could do 360 dunks.

  • carl

    Which Forcier brother is the most talented?
    Chris,Jason or Tate?

  • slurpeeman

    Fact: All cats die.
    Fact: Benjamin Franklin is dead.
    Fact: Benjamin Franklin is a cat.

  • Dawgs4ever

    “A1Duckfan said:
    Very odd. He lists an opinion as fact.

    “Fact. I believe my UCLA teammates respect me.”

    Here’s what I have to say about that…Fact. This guy is nuts.”

    Well, actually, you’re wrong. It is a fact that he believes his UCLA teammates respect him. If he had said “Fact. My UCLA teammates respect me,” then you would probably be right.

    No arguing with the fact this kid and his entire family live in Delusion World. Worst press release I’ve ever seen. Who gives a rip about all your accolades if you couldn’t even start at UCLA? Just announce you’re going to Furman and leave it at that. Pathetic.

  • Brad

    You have reached far greater heights than many. I would have loved to have just been on a DIV 1 Football team or gotten a degree from a school such as UCLA. This family obviously has very great ambitions in atletics for it’s kid’s. Manning family is famous because it’s so rare.
    marketing diploma | Online University | Master Degree

  • John

    You guys are all haters, I’d love you guys to go walk onto UCLA’s Football team if it is that easy. If you even knew one thing about college recruiting you would know that coaches have their own recruits and who they want for their system. That whole Forcier family is talented. If Rich Rodriguez was there before Jason left, everyone would love the Forcier trio. And how good is UCLA doin with Kevin Craft? Forcier is runs a sub 4.4 forty, faster than most quarterbacks and is not used cause UCLA doesn’t use a run style offense. And look at the real Press Release, reporters spelled his facts wrong. He wrote FURMAN not FUHMAN.

  • Dalton

    Chris Forcier is a great kid. Neuheisel, was a very good college quarterback. Neuheisel’s problem was/is that he wants every qb to be like he was. Forcier is a rare talent; fast, smart, good arm and above all, a GAMER. I believe Neuheisel is a very average coach, limited by his pre-conceived notions about what traits a qb should have. Look at his blind and foolish allegiance to Craft. Craft is a poor man’s Neuheisel. That’s all he will ever be. Forcier has/had the tools to be a big time college qb. Of all the Forcier brothers, Chris is the best athlete, BY FAR! Neuheisel is an idiot. Some day, Chris Forcier will shine (as he should have at ucla) and Neuheisel will end up where he belongs, in the TV booth as a MONDAY MORNING QB! Ask the ucla players off the record, especially the defense, which qb should have been playing…

  • beat_navy_in_09

    does anyone else think that ucla’s coaches now have that “oh shit” look in their eyes realizing that all they have in the qb cupboard is craft? they should have worked forcier into the mix…the opposing coaches would have had to prepare for a rollout qb and a dropback passer. oh well, another losing season. i think that papa forcier at some point should have taught his boys the meaning of committment (jason would have started at michigan eventually); however, in chris’ case i would have also told him to transfer. jason’s wanderlust reminds me of how derek shaw (oceanside qb) screwed himself at miami, a.s.u., and texas tech by moving around. a surefire nfl prospect ended up not even making a juco team in fresno. very sad. i’m not a michigan fan but i will watch tate.

  • Josh

    Fact: The Forciers are crazy
    Fiction: They do not have a higher opinion of themselves than others
    Fiction: Chris is an honor roll student. Based off this he never took writing 101 or must have failed.
    Fact: Mr. Forcier is detrimental to his sons development
    Fact: They should hire a publicist before sending out a release