Answers, Part I

Not tons of questions this week, which is fine by me since not much is going on with the program. I will have 10 sets of answers today, beginning with this one:

Any inside info on Jrue, DC, Shipp, AA2? Especially Jrue because he is so controversial as a lottery pick. I’ve been reading lots of boards. Do you have anything more to share?
Not sure what else there is to share. Holiday is being projected as a lottery pick, which comes as no surprise to me given his talent level and the fact he played out of position last season. Right now teams are working players out to make their final draft boards.
Holiday is a lottery guy, I think somewhere between Nos. 8-12, and Collison is in the last eight picks or so of the first round. I’m not hearing much on Shipp or Aboya, other than Shipp can go from mid to late second round, and Aboya likely will not get drafted but go into a camp because of the need for players.

Does the fact that Raymond Carter is looking at Pac10 schools as possible transfer options mean that Neu is allowing his former players to transfer within the conference?
No, I believe it will be on a player-by-player basis. To me, it speaks more of what Neuheisel thinks of Carter’s talent level that he would allow him to transfer within the conference, although I don’t think that is going to happen.

Do you feel that it’s bad PR for the football program, in terms of recruiting, to possibly not renew certain scholis in order to get down to the limit?
Not really. It is part of rebuilding a program. The only really bad PR is if a player lashes out at Neuheisel and the program with crazy accusations. Right now, though, I don’t see that happening. The guys leaving were not high on the depth chart, and if scholarships need to be taken from other players, they will be guys that have a year or two left and virtually no chance of playing.

Any chance you’ll be attending Branden Warner’s graduation to verify if it actually occurs or not?
Lol. That is awesome. I almost spit out my food on that one. Plus, even if he walks, it doesn’t mean everything is copasetic. UCLA players walk all the time in June but don’t earn their degrees until December.

How have Darren Collison’s workouts gone? What has the feedback been from NBA teams?
When I spoke to Collison about it, he said they are going fine, and the competition level is very high. He said they are stringent, exhausting workouts but he hasn’t had any surprises with them. It is still a little early for draft position, but everything I hear is late first round.

Where does Dean project to land in TCU’s depth chart (would be start?) when is becomes eligible? What was so special about him when UCLA recruited him?
I have no idea where he lands because I don’t know anything about TCU’s talent at the position. He is a big running back with an impressive gait, but his problem was he ran too upright and had trouble with the playbook. Those things can be worked out, but he wasn’t willing to remain patient and I don’t think UCLA cared. Also, he isn’t a very good receiver (he never had to do it), and that doesn’t fit well with Norm Chow’s offense.