Answers, Part III

Here is the third set:

It seems like UCLA prime target at QB have chosen to go to other schools. Do you feel that the coaches could pass this year and save it for next year?
No, they will get a quarterback unless they get turned down by another four or five guys. They need a quarterback because you do not want to sign two quarterbacks in a class, if you can avoid it.

Obviously it depends on who stays and gos but how many players does Howland seem to be going after in the 2010 and 2011 classes? Outside of Josh Smith who are our main targets in these classes?
There are a litany of targets, but I’m not sure how many UCLA truly has a chance to land. To start listing 20 names seems a bit extreme at this point.

theory put forth by ‘the Herd’ intrigues, hope you’ll help out in this vein. He asserts that if a kid works at age 13, he will be a hard worker throughout. Since you are, by my estimation, a hard worker, did you work at that tender age, or when?
I was always hustling to do things, be it a paper route or cutting grass in the summer or helping my grandfather paint. Hard work was instilled in me, and my siblings, from a young age. So, yes, I agree with the principle of it, but there are always exceptions, and you never really know who those exceptions are until after the fact.

How serious is UCLA about Seantrell Henderson? Do we have any shot a him?
Very serious about him, but I don’t think UCLA has a shot in you know what at getting him.

I am planning on attending the Tennessee game. Do you know if the date of the game can be changed, or is set in stone at this point?
I am told it is set in stone. At this late juncture, changing that game would force both schools to alter dates of other games.

who do you see as strong recruiters among the FB staff. CRN > NC > CB, but how do you see the other assistants. Do any have potential to be a big time recruiter for us? What do you think could improve?
I think the two best recruits are coach Rick Neuheisel and offensive coordinator Norm Chow. Offensive line coach Bob Palcic did a nice job with the 2009 class, but I keep hearing UCLA needs someone to recruit the inner city better now that DeWayne Walker is gone.

Are some of Dorrells recruits still haunting RN’s staff?
Yup, and that will hurt next season as well. I’ve said all along this was a rebuilding job, and programs do not get rebuilt in one or two years. It takes time, and it usually doesn’t manifest until the fourth or fifth year.

Do you believe that Malcolm Lee will be given the opportunity to compete for the PG spot? If so, can you realistically see a lineup of Lee, Roll, Honeycutt, Dragovic, and Gordon?
No, I don’t think Lee will compete for the point guard spot. I think it will be Jerime Anderson, and Lee will play a bit as a backup. I can envision the starting lineup you project, but not as the starting five.