Wooden on reality TV?

John Wooden made another appearance this week. This time he was at the Hangar Athletic Xchange in Hawthorne for a press conference to kick off the new John Wooden Pyramid of Success Awards. The official ceremonies for the award are next month.
On a separate note, Wooden was interviewed by Tony Robbins and helped him for his new reality show, which is scheduled to air on NBC in January. On the show, Robbins works with distressed individuals and helps them find ways to cope and change their lives. He got Wooden to help with one of the men.
Wooden also has an appearance next week with executives from General Mills, so he’s been a busy man. He turns 99 in October.

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  • Anonymous

    Hooray – a new post! Thanks Jill.

  • Anonymous

    a sign of hope! couldnt think of a better person for the post to be about or a better journalist to make the post! thanks jill! youre the bomb like tick, tick

  • Anonymous

    Are you the key master? The heir apparent? The savior of the blog?

    Either way, thanks for the post.

  • CrouchingBruin

    So the LA Athletic Club is going to allow Coach to lend his name to this award? There’s been a four year, bitter feud between Coach Wooden’s family and LAAC over the control of the use of his name.

  • Not Steve Hathaway

    HAX is honoring folks with the “John Wooden Pyramid of Success Awards,” not the “John R. Wooden” award for which LAAC holds the trademark. Coach is free to use his name elsewhere, he just can’t infringe on the trademark he licensed to LAAC (and which he said he’d honor).

  • CrouchingBruin

    “… and which he said he’d *grudgingly* honor” would be more representative of the animosity Coach Wooden still feels towards the LAAC. And the LAAC wasn’t happy about Coach lending his name to the Wooden Cup, presented by Athletes for a Better World, even though the Wooden Cup has nothing to do with basketball.

  • Johnny Angel

    Excellent. Should I ever reach Coach’s current age I hope to be in similar shape. šŸ™‚