Blog was down. Whoops.

Hey all,

Tried to post this sooner, but the blog wasn’t up for some reason from my end. Can’t really understand why, but sorry I’m late on this: Got word from UCLA that…

Freshman fullback Jayson Allmond has been certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse and has joined the football team. He will practice today. Also practicing today will be sophomore tight end Joseph Fauria, a transfer from Notre Dame.

Will try to talk to Fauria after practice.

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  • Anonymous

    Are any other freshman waiting to get through the clearing house process?


  • andismaclow

    Hey Jon they got ND transfer Joseph Fauria in and practicing but have you heard anything in regards to Colorado transfer Josh Smith, like has he been admitted, or is he going through the process of doing that right now?

  • Anonymous

    Fauria has to sit out this season, right?

  • Hey Anon,

    Yeah, Fauria is out until 2010.

  • andismaclow

    ya he does

  • Anonymous

    If I remember correctly from a Dohn post a few weeks ago, I don’t think Smith will be there until after the fall or winter session.

  • Anonymous

    Jon- I’ve enjoyed reading your posts from the past two days. Thanks for picking up the reigns- keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    It took Allmond that long to get approved by the NCAA? They must not have known how to evaluate his graduate level astrophysics classes. Those UCLA academic standards for football players sure are high.

    Come on, Jon. I know you’re new here but your predecessor kept the lie going. You need to as well.