Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

1) When will that huge commit make it public? – Bruinword
With the dead period ending today, UCLA will get right back in his ear and could seal the deal pretty soon, if things continue on track.

2) Who do you think UCLA ends up with at DT? – Bruinword
I think the Bruins will get one more they want.

3) What will happen next year? Will Eddie Williams or someone else be moved over to the defensive side of the ball. DT is a huge question mark for us next year. Thanks – Bruinword
They are exploring some options, but I think it will take until at least Signing Day to iron it out. They’re hoping they get someone who can step in immediately.

4) Jon is there a chance with XSF leaving that RNC and Palcic go after Eric Kohler from Oaks or another west coast OL we haven’t heard about before? – Anonymous
I wouldn’t be surprised if they put out some feelers, but I’ve heard Kohler is basically a lock. With XSF gone and Hasiak in the balance, they’re certainly on the lookout.

5) Also can you tell us about the D.Lineman out of Oakland were starting to hear about. – anonymous
Can’t tell you much; UCLA got in late in the game and they’re trying to get as many impact DTs as possible. He’s getting a look from many West coast schools, though Oregon hasn’t offered. He seems like a fringe Pac-10 prospect at the moment.

6) What’s your take on R.Caroll and M.Pressley’s role in the offense next year? – Anonymous

Carroll admittedly needs more time with the playbook and his route-running, and Presley was simply inconsistent this season. Both have tremendous skill, and I can see them pushing Embree for time, if only for a speed advantage. But Josh Smith is also in the wings, and he’s a game-breaker.

7) Also from what you’ve seen at practice does someone like J.Edison or D.Holmes have the strength to be serviceable as interior lineman? – Anonymous
With another offseason of training, perhaps. But UCLA still needs depth.

8) Do you think Reeves Nelson will leave early? If so, when? – Anonymous

Look, I like Reeves Nelson a lot. Crazy hustle, good athleticism, wants it pretty bad. But he’s not nearly refined enough for the NBA. I think he will be. He’s not now.

9) With us and $C having huge offical visit weekends in Jan. Are those gonna be bigger than ever since $C is trying to get more of the big name kids left on our list to visit or are those last in home visits which RNC is the best at gonna seal the deal. – Anonymous

This year in general is absolutely crucial for USC/UCLA recruiting. With the Trojans slipping this year and the Bruins jumping three games, there is at least a perception out there that one team is on the rise and one is falling. UCLA needs to capitalize.

10) With Sua-Filo leaving for his LDS mission, what will our starting offensive line look like next season? – bruwin5931
Two variations: Baca/Taylor/Maiava/Williams/Harris OR Abele/Baca/Maiava/Williams/Harris. I don’t include Micah Kia because I’ll need to see him during spring ball and the incoming freshmen because I don’t think there’s an instant starter like XSF in the group.

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  • Eric

    It looks like USC is using the basketball program as a scapegoat for the violations committed in the football program. Wasn’t there a alleged violation before Reggie Bush? We never hear about it any more.


    ouch … no option with Haziak starting?

  • Scott

    The Reggie Bush situation’s latest is the Reggie was appeal to have the matter go to an arbitrator was denied:


  • ???

    Why did Sheldon Price get the nod over Courney Viney, for the rest of the season? After all the talk, I thought Viney would have gotten the chance. Continuing effects of the suspension?