Kevin Prince: We’re not panicking

Just got off the phone with UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince, who is following the Norm Chow situation with all the rest of us.

Me: What are you hearing?KP: “I’ve heard just about the same stuff you guys have. I haven’t been in touch with Coach Chow. I talked to him yesterday just about recruiting stuff. As of yesterday, he was firmly committed on UCLA. I haven’t tried to talk to him today.”

Me: How did you hear about the news?KP: “On ESPN I saw a bunch of stuff that went from him being the offensive coordinator to him being in negotiations to him being considered for it. Obviously if he goes we’ll have to move on and figure out how to be successful otherwise.”

Me: How difficult is it to be a player in the 24-hour news cycle, with information coming in throughout the day?

“It’s really disconcerting only because so much has happened in the last few days. First Pete Carroll, then Lane Kiffin gets the job, then you hear coach Chow would be going. You wouldn’t believe it otherwise. It’s a little disconcerting, but at the same time, it’s reports and nothing is made official. You can’t really believe what’s been said until its been confirmed.”

Me: How are the players reacting? Are you trying to come together as a team like USC did after Carroll left, or is it different because it’s not the head coach?
KP: “We’re just kinda holding down here and making sure everyone is good. It’s a little different for those guys at SC because it’s the head coach and it’s so unexpeceted and that was their guy. With us, Coach Chow is our guy and even if he did go, I feel that we do have a sense of stability with Coach Neuheisel here. On the offensive side of the ball, the best guys would have to step forward and say just because he’s not here, we’re not going anywhere. It does empower you a little bit.”

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  • Sid

    Sounds like a leader to me. Good head on his shoulders.

  • 9UCLA5

    I like what I’m hearing from young Prince.

  • brewnz

    What a tough lesson in reality for UCLA, USC and Tennessee players. None of these situations were handled with any concern about betraying the trust of the players. I think Lame’s act was the worst of the three, but Pete’s and Norm’s behaviors leave little to be desired.

    Craziest stuff I’ve seen. Hopefully everyone lands on their feet when all is said and done.

  • BigTime Bruin

    Great work on getting this. All of us here are following this situation so carefully it’s pathologic. Norm is one of the many reasons I am looking forward to next season. He is such a great coach, he means A LOT to our program and our future.

    Realistically though, we need a big season next year for our players, for the alum, for the students, and for everyone in Bruin Nation. I believe we need so many variables to go our way, and I don’t believe we could do it without him. The momentum we’ve built the last few days, the new decade of LA, the new era of college football would lose so much appeal to me if we lost him. It would be such a step back in terms of our staff, in potential recruiting.

    Keep up the strong work Jon


  • Anonymous

    On Brewnz comments this is what makes collage sports and collage football the ultimate in hypocrisy (ie the university and the coaches using the players for their own purposes). The collages and the coaches are in cahoots and all about making the big buck with no regards to anyone else.

    For example, Chow may or may not ending going to USC and most likely it will be up to what Chow ends up wanting to do. However, if a player ever wanted to transfer from one Pac-10 school to another let alone a rival the schools would never let it happen.

  • brewnz

    If you want to hear about using the players for their own purposes, check out Orgeron and Kiffin’s departure meeting from Tennessee. Ed O was actually behind a curtain calling the early enrollment recruits who were on campus and telling them not to go to class because they had a scholarship offer from USC.

    The Trojans don’t even deserve this act. I’m not even certain that’s not a violation.

  • Anonymous

    Hearing from a former UCLA player that Chow will return to UCLA.

  • Pseudonymous

    Heard from Norm Chow’s mother that he is staying at UCLA.

  • brewnz

    It’s a little different when Lame is calling the recruits of a school he JUST ABANDONED. Telling them not to go to class (already on campus to start classes) is just low.

    The Trojans don’t deserve this kind of fool. He’s going to trounce all over your proud tradition. These goofs are ‘hit after the whistle’ types in every way.

  • Anonymous

    Heard from yo momma she’s goin’ to $UC.

  • Anonymous

    The staff can’t let recruits know they still have a scholarship offer if they want to come to USC? Who knows if they will still have one with the new staff.


    I’m with you, Brewnz! But, hey, those guys will be getting exactly what they deserve!!! Great coaches? Sure…But they’re bringing a whole lot of negative baggage with ’em…

  • Boston Bruin


    It’s refreshing to read such a high level of articulation from a student-athlete.

    Thank God, the Frosh Prince of Bel Air didn’t drop into “cliche-dom” and give us a 110% phrase.

    Good to see him using his Crespi HS/UCLA education!

    Continued best wishes from the East Coast.

  • Encinitas Bruin

    It would seem odd for NC to leave to go work for Lane “Little Man’s Disease” Kiffin. The guy made a jackass of himself in the SEC, popping off with nothing to back him up. Now, I could see the allure for NC being able to match brains with Monte, the dad.

    It’s a business, ladies and gents, and if NC gets a better all-around deal across town, he could be gone.

    CRN needs to step up and sweeten the deal to retain NC.

  • Bruin 4Ever

    Assuming Chow doesn’t get the huge $$$ he is seeking from ‘SC, CRN ought to put out an APB for a top notch OC, then wait until after the signing period in a few weeks so it doesn’t hurt recruiting, and then fire Chow and bring in his pick as OC. These “men” (Kiff, Carroll, Chow) care nothing about the schools or the kids, and it’s all about money. We need a Bruin OC who is honored to get that job, like Howland is for his job. The Kiffins, Carrolls, and now Chow have proven themselves to be terrible role models for these young men. They are dishonest and money-grabbing – -and that is all there is to say.