To clarify

* As of 9:13 pacific time, Norm Chow is the offensive coordinator for UCLA.

* USC is throwing piles of money at him to come join Kiffin’s crew.

* He has not accepted anything, and reports he had were premature.

* My choice of words for the headline earlier was incorrect. For that I apologize. In this 24-hour news cycle, when I hear the same thing from multiple sources, and none from others, I try to keep up with it.

* At this stage, the best way to put it: USC is wooing him. Negotiations might not even be the right term, either.

* I’ll stay on top of it, but I’m also doing instant updates on Twitter (@thecoolsub) and on Facebook, where I’m also chatting with blog readers. Feel free to add me or add the Inside UCLA fan page.

Thanks guys