Weekly Answers, Pt. 10 – in other words, can’t sleep

1) Speaking of Josh Smith, what is the status of the football player Josh Smith? what are his chances of playing next year? – Lasportsfan(noSC!!)
Smith looked fantastic – FANTASTIC – on scout team this season, and will almost certainly compete for a starting spot.

2) Great job on the blog, Jon. My question is–do Bruins who have graduated ever come back to work with the current players on their games eg. Walton or Kareem working with the big men in BB? – Keith
Not really, no. Too busy. Walton is working on a new business venture in San Diego and Kareem, well, we know what he’s going through.

3) With USC unable to participate this year, what will be the format of the Pac-10 basketball tournament? – Anonymous

A formal plan has not been announced, but I assume a play-in game for the eighth spot.

4) What’s the plan for Sean Sheller next year? Still on the team? If so, still at DT? Or back to OL? – Palcic’s Doghouse
Back to O-line along with Connor Bradford.

5) Do you think CBH’s stubborness of sticking with man on man defense helps him land recruits with an eye on the NBA? Do you think his use of the man on man defense helps his players make it/succeed in the NBA? – UCLABZ
Yes to both.

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  • Mike H class of 90

    RE: question 3…I thought during last night’s game I heard them mention that one of the teams (other than ‘SC) will miss the Pac-10 tourney. Sounded like they expect it to be an 8 team field.

  • CrouchingBruin

    RE: question 2, Brian Dohn answered a similar question during a Q&A last year:

    Q: Are former players allowed to mentor/help train current basketball/football players? (sort of like Kareem mentoring Bynum)

    A: Not really. That is an NCAA violation. I remember a few years ago Ben Howland talked about getting Reggie Miller to help one of his players (Josh Shipp, I believe), but was told it was a violation to do so.


    This OC Register article on the same situation also says that this type of scenario would violate the NCAA’s limits on coaching staff:

  • BruinFaithful

    Crouching Bruin:

    I was going to say the same thing. I completely agree. It is indeed an NCAA violation to have somebody who is not a staff member or employee of the University Full Time mentor or coach players on behalf of the University in a practice environment and there are indeed staff limits. However, if these players were to practice on their own, like during summer pick up games, it would not constitute a violation.

    Remember Chetey Petey and SUC FB got flack and will probably be penalized for the exact same thing. They tried to circumvent the rules by saying the NFL Special Teams coach they temporarily hired was a “consultant” and therefore not subject to the NCAA staff limits. Nope. Double edged sword. Then if he wasn’t on staff, they are violating rules on who can coach players. Only staff members can coach players.

    At least we got it right when Ben Howland asked permission. Apparently, Chetey Petey asked and was given a green light by SUC AD department.

  • BruinFaithful


    C’mon buddy, you should have done your homework before answering these Q’s. There will not be any play in game for the 8th spot. They will just take the remaining top 8 teams by record, and go to tie breakers in the event there is a tie for the last spot.