Weekly Answers, Pt. 7

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Jon, where do you see the depth chart at right tackle going, especially with the freshman coming in? – Spencer
For the most part, Mike Harris has it locked up. I don’t really expect any freshmen OL to come in and challenge for spots. UCLA needs to start building depth and get guys a year of seasoning on the line.

2) Who is answering our questions? Are u or are u taking our questions to the staff? – Anonymous
I’d say 90 percent I answer myself, and about 10 percent I call to confirm or get some more background on.

3) FOOTBALL: Hey Jon, I keep reading arguments back and forth about the pistol from fans on the different boards. Could you please tell me how big a change the fans should expect to see in the offense? I’m thinking it’s going to be a modified difference and not a drastic change. What’s your opinion? P.S. I really like the podcast. – UCLA ’64
It’s not like Chow and Neuheisel are reinventing the wheel – this isn’t a foreign offense. It’s just a modified shotgun, allowing the quarterback to have more options at the snap. It’s almost a shotgun-option hybrid, wherein Prince can read the run game, and if he sees nothing, pull it back. Things are going well so far, but there’s a lot of work to be done. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t at least a bigger part of the offense next year. Thanks for the kind words on the podcast, but there are some exciting changes coming up.

4) Can you elaborate on exactly why Bobo left? Did Bobo want to leave or did Howland initiate the change? Is Bob happy about the change? – Anonymous
Let’s just say he wasn’t a fit. It was at least partly mutual, but the wording of the release, combined with the wording of the following Moser release, are very telling. Look closely.

5) Is Lazeric Jones a solid Basketball commit to UCLA? – Anonymous
Yes, from everything I’ve heard.