Fullerton baseball quotes

Dave Serrano
Opening statement:
“First off, I’d like to congratulate UCLA baseball, Coach Savage and his staff on a job well done. They’re a fabulous baseball team. My hope is they hope they go out and represent the west coast in a wonderful way. I hope they bring back a championship.”

On how he feels:
“As far as our team, obviously devastation. Like I told them out there, there was a script written for this team, and unfortunately it wasn’t what we’d hoped it to be.”

On Rob Rasmussen:
“Rasmussen was really good. I was talking to coaches in about the 7th inning, and I felt he got better actually. There was a small wind of opportunity in the first four innings, and we got one run. But he got better. He got much tougher as the game went on.”

On Tyler Rahmatulla:
“There’s a reason he’s the three-hole hitter for their team. That’s a young baseball team. I said to coach Vanderhook, ‘You’re kids are growing up tremendously.’ But Rahmatulla is one of the older guys on a young team, and he played like a three-hole hitter would.”

On Joey Siddons’ dropped fly ball:
“I didn’t really ask him. What I saw from 340 feet away, it looked like Rahmatulla got on top of the ball, it had some top spin which made it tougher to catch, had some sinking action. He just missed the ball.”

On losing two first-rounders:
“These guys will always be Titans. I’ll be proud of Christian for the next 20, 30 years. They’re always part of the family. No matter where they go, what they do. They’re going to be Titans forever. Once you’re part of the family. I would love Christian to turn down the money and come back, but it’s part of the transitional period. Guys come in, they earn their stripes, they move on, and they go on and have success in pro baseball. Five years ago, no one knew there would be a Christian Colon.”

Christian Colon on playing for Serrano:
“I had a blast. I had the best coaching staff in the whole country. They made us better people. This man right here did so much for me, and I’ll never forget that. My experience in college is something that I’ll never forget ever. Obviously going pro is exciting, but it’s not up to me right now. I’m not thinking about that. I’m just proud to play for Coach Serrano and this coaching staff. Even though it didn’t go our way, I’m very proud to be a Titan.”

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  • Bruintx

    You missed one quote Jon (you can hear it as they begin to pull the players off each other from their celebratory dog pile) –

    And I quote… “Hey, get the eff off me”!!