Texas reportedly will stick with Big12(10)

Chip Brown of Orangebloods.com is now reporting that the talk of Texas coming west might be finished, Longhorns reconsider: Back to Pac-12?

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  • Anonymous

    So, which team will be the 12th in the Pac?

  • bruin fan
  • Anonymous

    ESPN is reporting the exact opposite and that an announcement of their move to the Pac-10 could come as soon as tomorrow.

  • Unconditional Sanctions Coming

    ESPN just reported that Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma St were “imminent” to the Pac-10, as in today or tomorrow. What gives? I wish someone would get it right. We’ll find out soon enough I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Chip Brown vs Joe Schad, this is how (media) reputations are made…

  • MoeBruins

    How come ESPN is still reporting the exact opposite and now says Texas’s move to the Pac-10 is imminent?


  • UCLA ’64

    Chip Brown is recycling quotes from 6 or 7 days ago.

    The only response Texas had to Beebe’s last ditch effort was to say that they’d consider it. No one will know what’s happening until after that Texas meeting tomorrow.

    If Texas says, “No” to the Pac, Larry Scott should put a full-court press on Kansas.

    Utah is not part of the Pac’s formula. Boise State would never have joined the Mountain West without prior assurances that Utah, BYU, and TCU would stay put. That’s just logical.

  • brewinbob

    You know ESPN’s history of publishing facts. Does everyone forget that Chow was supposed to switch to USC, according to Shelley Smith? I’ll wait until the facts come out.

  • ucla philosophy transfer for fall 2010-dreams do come true!

    I remember a few years ago I was watching a UCLA-WSU basketball game online, and it said UCLA missed the final 3 point shot and lost the game.

    I went to bed depressed, woke up in the morning, saw Sportscenter about to show the Cougar-Bruins matchup, and the Bruins ended up winning the game! Talk about a surprise.

    Point is ESPN.com has been wrong many times in the past.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    ESPN has eaten its share of sh*tpie in the past but I won’t completely dismiss its report in light of the Orangebloods report…as with most cases in life, I presume the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I think they are still coming to the Pac…but they are giving Beebe a legitimate listen to his last ditch proposal.

    Beebe has been somewhat cryptic in stating that each conference member would get an annual $14-17 million annual payout under a new TV deal AND each team (especially UT and maybe even Oklahoma) would be permitted to pursue its own distribution platform. Of course I’m speculating, but I can’t get my head around how those 2 approaches wouldn’t conflict with each other…in other words, no way is a major network going to shell out major $ if it doesn’t have exclusive distribution rights for x amount of football games…including UT and OK games.

    An interesting side note is that the UT President is all up for joining the Pac on the basis of potential academic & research alignments as well as the almighty TV $. The Pac boasts 5 schools in the top 50 according to US News rankings…these same schools as well as Colorado are also members of the prestigious AAU list of top tier research institutions. UT would be a 6th top 50 school and a 7th AAU member.

  • INawe

    I guess we will find out the truth tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like ESPN is the one back-pedaling…

  • Hank

    It’s over. Darn. Texas is not coming and sticking with the Big 12 or 10 or whatever they are now. It was just announced officially and is all over the wire. Ok Utah, you can come over. Talk about a disappointment. Had huge hopes and now this. Boo.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Well I hope they come but if the Big 12 (10) decides to stay put in light of a last minute great TV deal, I won’t begrudge ’em for it.

    I guess Utah would be our Plan B…and I’d venture they’d leave the MWC for the Pac in a heartbeat. Then we’d call it a day at the Pac 12. Two 6 team divisions within the conference:

    Pac 12 North: UW, WSU, UO, OSU, CU, Utah

    Pac 12 South: Cal, Stanford, U$C, UCLA, AZ, ASU

    Pac 12 Title Game to be played at the Cards’ swank domed stadium in Glendale, AZ.

    Of course this mindless speculation is subject to change upon receipt of the latest ESPN and Orangebloods rumor.

  • BruinInSeattle

    wait…so what is the mystery television station that saved the Big12? Some caller on espnAustin with Sean Adams and Chip Brown suggested it was ESPN itself that is giving the Big12 the big bucks. How can they report on the one hand all these schools are heading to the Pac10 and then on the other, sabotage the deal by offering the Big12 a contract that helps them stay together? Ludicrous if true.

  • Dean

    I say ditch the championship game.

    If it’s 12 teams, they could still do round-robin, and get rid of one or two non-conference games.


    ok… so the big-10 and big-12 will just switch names??? Or will the big-10 have 12 teams and the big 12 will have 10 teams?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Jon, your colleague at the LA Times is reporting that UCLA may have a neutral-site season opener to play Alabama in 2012 in addition to or in lieu of the Nebraska game. Any substance to this?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Who cares? Look all I care about is beting SC more often than not (and before you trojan weenies start chirping, let’s not forget the ’90’s, eight straight!) and building a good, year in, year out program. The rest of it is/was idle chatter. Build a solid program and we’ll see these guys in non-conference and the BCS title game.

  • MichaelRyerson

    obviously that’s ‘beating’

  • I was excited about the Pac-16 too, but as a Bruin in the SLC, this is even better! Seeing UCLA play in several sports yearly would be such a treat and make decision to move here even better in hindsight. Plus, it makes my trip to Austin this September a little more special and unique.