ESPN’s Chad Ford has Tyler Honeycutt back in first round

In his most recent mock draft, ESPN draft guru Chad Ford has Tyler Honeycutt back in the first round, this time to Chicago at pick 30.

I’d be surprised if Honeycutt fell out of the first round just based on his potential, but there are concerns about his strength and durability issues at the next level. Meanwhile, two of Honeycutt’s Pac-10 foes – Washington State’s Klay Thompson and USC’s Nikola Vucevic – are soaring up the draft ranks. Ford has Thompson at No. 10 to Milwaukee and Vucevic at No. 14 to Houston.

UCLA’s Malcolm Lee, meanwhile, seems to be on the outside of the first round looking in, but he has a crucial workout today with Utah, where he’ll be joined by Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks like a great opportunity for Lee to prove that he belongs on the same court as two perimeter players that absolutely dominated the college game this past year. Good luck to Malcolm, and I hope his decision to leave early turns out to be the right one for him.

  • Bruin4Life

    Seriously, it’s not just durability, it’s attitude. He was largely unfocused in college (though well-focused on his tats and hair-do’s). He will be riding pine for many years wherever he goes until he realizes that he needs to work much harder to play and stay at the NBA level. If he doesn’t put in the work, hello D-League and/or Europe. He had such potential to be an impact player at UCLA, as did Jrue. Neither of them gave their all while at UCLA. I hope he gets it together for his own sake, and I hope we stop recruiting players of this genre (using college merely as a step to the pros).

  • ucla steve

    I would argue Honeycutt makes Corey Brewer look daunting and Tayshaun Prince like he’s on steroids. How will his injury prone body react to the thirty pounds of muscle he’s going to be adding to his upper legs. Does he have the discipline to add it? Corey Brewer is unusually quick up and down and laterally. How fast is Honeycutt? Did we see speed in his college career? Prince has close to forty pounds on Honeycutt. The one player Honeycutt compares himself to is Prince. How do you reconcile competitive aptitude for a player standing and watching throughout the entire Washington game while the Pac-10 title is on the line while he’s on the court? How do you reconcile the passivity in the Cal game with the title on the line? Do you want a championship? Will this player help you get there? That Honeycutt was the key to UCLA’s early exit or a deep tournament run was nationally agreed upon. Ultimately seen as a compliment by some, and an insult by others.

    I want the gym rat Honeycutt who plays in the gym until midnight to succeed and believe he will partly because of his obvious love for the game and for how Coach Howland has helped him but
    I’m anticipating him to drastically improve his motivation level, ball handling skills, speed, and strength to do it. If not perhaps he’ll be a player relegated as a specialty outside shooter, specialty defender type as long as it doesn’t involve guarding people or playing anywhere within fifteen feet of the basket in a set defense or offense. How far can the love of the game and insincts take you in the NBA?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Honey: Early-to-mid 2nd rd.
    Lee: Late 2nd rd.
    Also: There is no way Prince even has 40 lbs. on my 6-year-old daughter.

  • Anonymous

    Lee “…outside looking in…” is dead-on…Said long ago that Malcolm’s heading to the Turkish league, or Japan, or wherever he can get a pick-up game goin’! Won’t be seein’ you anytime soon, Malcolm!

  • Semi-Pro

    Wherever Malcolm ends up, he’ll still be getting paid a boatload of money playing a game he loves full time as opposed to making absolutely nothing at UCLA while having to go to classes he could care less about.

  • Anonymous

    Great attitude, SEMI-PRO! (Fitting name, too!!!)

  • Bruin4Life

    “making absolutely nothing”? Dude, free room, board, clothes, sneakers, and admission to one of the greatest universities in the world, for starters. He “makes nothing”? Right, a world-class education is “nothing.” And the fact that all expenses are paid for 4 years is nothing too. I am preparing to have to start paying for my 1st child to go to college – and I wish it was “nothing” like Malcolm paid. Access to a world of women on campus via adidas branding on their “nothing” sweatsuits, etc. These clowns don’t appreciate what they have been given, to be coddled by an athletic department and have full access to extra tutoring and academic help, probably even sneak peeks at exam topics, etc. What Malcolm gave up certainly isn’t “nothing”!