Putting his UCLA degree to good use

Minnesota Vikings and former UCLA punter Chris Kluwe just absolutely destroys former Denver Broncos tight end Nate Jackson (come on Nate, don’t sully the Broncos even more than Josh McDaniels and Jake Plummer did) on Deadspin: Warning, possibly NSFW (foul language)

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  • AJ

    Now that’s what I’m talking about Jon.

    That was just a beatdown and I love that at least some of these guys are acknowledging the fans. After all, without us, there is no them.

  • Rob M

    Boom. It’s not often you see a punter destroy a tight end. If that happened in a game, the ambulance would be on the field. Brutal, just brutal. I’m very proud to see the power of your UCLA degree used for good, not evil.

  • Anonymous


  • Blitzed

    Loved every bit of this.

  • Daniel

    Am I the only one who think that he should of just kept his mouth shut??.. Personally I think they both should grow up and not act like a bunch of high school egomaniacs. Not to be disrespectful, but I think it’s pretty childish that Jon posted this link.

  • I’m sorry, Daniel.


    ^^^ WTF? Speak for yourself Daniel! Jon, what the heck are you sorry for? Your stuff is GREAT keep it coming!

  • Daniel

    Don’t be sorry Jon, and please don’t misunderstand my previous comment on this post for not liking or appreciating your other posts. I just don’t get why it’s so cool that a couple of grown ups are bashing each other.

    AND BRUINBEACH, I was certainly speaking for myself. You’re entitled to your own opinion and I to mine.

  • Anonymous

    Daniel, youre the type to just bend over and take it when conflict arises, arent you?

  • Daniel

    Really??.. No.. I’m the one shaking my head at people like you. There are more important things in life than thinking its super cool when two adults verbally bash each other in an attempt to look superior. If you think I’m some kind of sissy man just because I think these guys are wasting their time with childish rants then I’ll take that as a compliment.

  • Bob

    Jon, I loved this piece. It was nice to hear someone who actually plays the game say what fans have been spilling for years. It was an honest opinion from someone who cares about the sport he plays. He would be crazy not to respond to someone who has attach him and his profession personally.

    Does this ok the use of Kluwe type grammar on this blog?

  • Anonymous

    Daniel, your sensitive…..1) dog days of summer, and 2) team not that good for u to work ur self up

  • To Daniel

    Pretty sure Jon was being sarcastic. He dgaf what you think…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Worry about team trying to get better than 8th place in conferee. Hint: ain’t happening

  • Daniel

    Sensitive? No, I’m an adult. See.. When I graduated high school, I grew out of the macho man mentality and realized that there are more important things to life like helping people, encouraging people, and loving people. You can call it “sensitivity” if you want but I call it GROWING UP.

  • bibs

    Words are important;start using your head before you hide behind the ones you choose.
    This was interesting except for the profanity.

  • Awesome post Jon…way to be Klewe!! you destroyed that big mouth.

    Daniel, shut up!

  • coop

    I’m with Daniel. The internet is serious business.