POW: UCLA/Stanford Final Score Predictions

Readers: Post your final score prediction and vote in the poll. Closest to actual score with correct winning team gets to give me 10 questions to ask a player of their choosing, within reason, for an upcoming video.

bruwin5931 came closest with his 28-20 prediction for UCLA v. OSU, so please email me at jon.gold@dailynews.com


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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    UCLA 27
    Andrew Luck 45

  • CuriousBruin

    UCLA 34
    Stanford 31

    Don’t Stop Believin!

  • Warren

    UCLA 20
    Stanford 44

  • Bruin JD

    UCLA 41
    Furd 38

  • 581Bruin

    UCLA – 27
    Trees – 25

  • Blitzed

    UCLA: 17
    Luck: 62

    May god have mercy on us all.

  • Darth Bruin

    I find some UCLA fans’ lack of faith disturbing…

    UCLA 28
    The Farm 27

  • bucknellbruin

    Stanford 41
    UCLA 27

  • TK Bruin

    UCLA 24
    Tree People 34

    Hey — we cover the spread!

  • ucla34

    Ucla 45 Stanford 35

  • CaptDan

    I find some UCLA fans’ myopic observations as causality for mediocrity acceptance…

    UCLA: less
    Any Random Opponent: more

  • DFarmer87

    Stanford- 59, UCLA -21

  • Johnny Bruin

    Stanford 45
    Bruins 27

  • Maloman

    UCLA 31

    Stanford 28

  • Anonymous

    I am a fan of both Stanford and ucla, so I know both teams well. Sorry guys, Ucla is about to get crushed

  • Tennessee Bruin

    UCLA 17
    Stanford 14
    If you want a miracle might as well make it a good one.

  • bruincheerleader

    oy vey!…stanford’s tree 42, UCLA BRUINS 10

  • Hadenough

    The Farm 51
    State Farm 10

  • BruinRob

    UCLA 31
    Stanford 24

  • hogsman

    Stanford 52
    UCLA 10

  • PV Bruin

    Sorry Hogsman, I guess I jinxed your winning streak last week…but I hope you are wrong this time…

    UCLA 37
    Standford 34

  • Lu Valle pizza

    Stanford 38
    UCLA 15

  • Anonymous

    Stanford 43
    UCLA 17


    Stanford 45
    UCLA 17

  • Anonymous

    Stanford 38
    UCLA 20

  • ucla34

    Damn! Our fans are embarrassing! No wonder no one shows up at the Rose Bowl unless we are winning! That’s why in the South the fans are superior! Our fans have no faith! Last year was one of Lucks worst passing games against us. If we can run the ball and keep them off the field we definately have a shot! Also, its a different D coordinator from last year. I pray Treaey can come up with something good. Damn! C’Mon bums! Have some F’ING faith! No heart! No Passion! I can feel the upset! Stanford hasn’t faced a rushing attack like Ucla. Have faith!!! 45-35 Bruins!


    U-C-L-A Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Far or near you’ll always hear, the mighty Bruins roar!

  • BruinPain

    Stanford 42
    UCLA 17

  • glawson07

    ucla 34
    furd 24

  • Rob M

    Pass the kool-aid.

    UCLA 34
    Stanford 27

  • Hank Jones

    Stanford 35 UCLA 21. The game won’t be as one-sided as people think. Realistically Stanford hasn’t proved much so far. They’ve yet to face a decent team and their number 1 rush defense means nothing given the teams they’ve played so far. Furthermore, They just lost their leader on defense and it’ll be interesting to see how they respond.

  • DJdave

    UCLA 41
    Stanford 27

  • Marc

    UCLA – 45
    Stanford – 42

    I’ll be there so I hope it happens. All they need to do is play as a team and play the game of their lives. It certainly can be done. Of course, I was picking UCLA to go 9-3 this year before the season started.

  • Anonymous

    Luck 55
    Suck 20

  • BobDaBruin

    I was at the game last year at The Rose Bowl, and Stanford made UCLA look like a Junior College program. Since our program has clearly not progressed this year based on our first 4 games, and facing one of the best college QBs of our time, this won’t be pretty:

    Stanford: 55
    UCLA: 10

  • The Blur

    Dang you, BobDaBruin, that was the exact score I was trying to post just now but I got an error. I’ll go with with:

    Stanford 59
    UCLA 13

  • Anonymous

    Stanford has 2 all-americans on their offensive line, an outstanding playmaker in Chris Owusu, a very deep physical power running game, including Stefan Taylor, who is a lot like Jon Franklin. Not to mention they have andrew luck and the number 1 group of tight ends in the country.
    On defense, Stanford still has an all american OLB in Chase Thomas and All Pac Ten players in CB Michael Thomas and S Delano Howell. They also have a solid d-line and great talent at linebacker including true frosh (under armor all-american) James Vaughers from Georgia, who will fill the role of injured Shayne Skov.
    Stanford is taking this game seriously–they are not overlooking the bruins. They are trying to make a statement–many recruits are visiting including Barry Sanders. Not looking too good for UCLA.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    @Anon9:51 “Cool! … so, we still have a chance!?!”

  • Resource Guy

    UCLA – 6
    tree’s – 51

  • bruwin5931

    UCLA 21
    Stanford 20

  • j_doe

    Stanford 45
    UCLA 13

  • BobDaBruin

    Sorry to The Blur about the score prediction. I get errors all the time on this site trying to post. Kinda sad we both came up with the same lopsided losing score!


    31-21 Stanford

  • mike04

    UCLA 27
    Stanford 24