Looks like SMU coach June Jones is either staying put or considering options that no longer include Arizona State,

Our friend Doug Haller at the Tucson Citizen filed a report earlier about Arizona State ending talks with Jones late Wenesday.

Interestingly, the same situation happened Friday when Arizona State called off talks with Houston coach Kevin Sumlin, which led to UCLA moving in on Sumlin as its top choice only to have talks with Sumlin go nowhere.

I have heard Jones’ name linked to UCLA over the last few weeks, and if trhe Bruins are looking for someone to shake things up he is certainly someone capable of doing just that.

I’ll poke around and see if Jones becomes a viable target and get back to you.

Also, I am scheduled to speak to a very, very high-up source either later tonight or tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have something to report pretty soon on where the search might be,

Until then, here is the report on Jones from Arizona:

ASU broke off talks with Southern Methodist University coach June Jones late Wednesday afternoon, a final unexpected turn in a dizzying day of false reports from national and local media outlets saying the deal was done.

Where ASU’s search goes from here isn’t clear, but Oregon offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, Tennessee defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox and San Francisco 49ers linebackers coach Jim Leavitt, former head coach at South Florida, could be possibilities. It’s unknown if Houston coach Kevin Sumlin — high on ASU’s list of candidates from the start — remains in the picture.

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  • FG UW fan

    Thanks for telling us, the UCLA search committee, the AD, and the rest of the world a general idea of who is going to leak you your next story and when they’re “scheduled” to leak it to you.

    I suspect the leading candidate and the AD are thrilled with this, as is your source.

  • Sam

    Vincent, thank you so much for the updates. It’s
    ALL us bruin fans care about right now. I love and appreciate Jon, but most of us have already turned the page on Neuheisel and really are only looking toward the future. Such a frustrating search, we appreciate the work you do.

  • Brock

    Please please please please.

  • Vinny Rules

    Agree with Sam! Jon has really disappointed and posts stuff no one cares about WHEN THERE IS A SEARCH GOING ON!

    What went wrong in Westwood? I’m glad John spent so much time on that since it will totally vindicate Neuheisel and get him his job back. We definitely don’t want to know rumblings/rumors of who UCLA is looking at… Sheesh

    Jon never even mentioned Mora when he has been brought up for days on other sites.

  • Anonymous

    Gus Malzahn, Kirby Smart, Manny Diaz, Jim McElwain, Bryan Harsin, Dan Mullen…

    Can you ask your source what he thinks about, say, Gus Malzahn?

    Why is UCLA not Looking at someone like Gus Malzahn, Manny Diaz etc.?

  • HerpDerp

    Is it a coincidence that once CRN’s services were no longer required and he vacated his office…Jon’s useful information also seemed to have dried up? Or maybe Jon just doesn’t have much of an in w/anybody that’s in a position to know something, so…he just doesn’t comment on the coaching search and saves everyone the trouble of rehashing old rumors? Or…maybe Jon knows and he’s sworn to super-duper secrecy until he can “break” the story at a time convenient for UCLA/etc?!

    Who knows?! Just food for thought.

  • Anonymous

    Agree that Jon has dropped the ball on this coaching search.

    This is THE BIGGEST story in UCLA football since Neu was hired and hardly anything from Jon on reports and rumors. Huh???

    Keep the info comin’ Vinny and thanks!

  • Legalsean

    Have you heard about Mora getting the job and Tressel being on the staff as a special assistant? I know it is a crazy rumor. But, it is out there.

  • Legalsean

    Have you heard any news about Mora getting the job as HC and Tressel as a special assistant?

  • Anonymous

    @HerpDerp: good observation. Maybe Jon just doesn’t have the sources for it? Maybe he’s trying to blog more than report here. He did go through 12 reasons why Neu failed. Jon seems to do better at reporting what he sees and experiences than being the snooping reporter. That’s ok though. Do what you do Jon!

  • I heard through an inside source that a Press Conference has been scheduled for Friday to announce the hiring of our new Head Coach…Jim Mora, and the his assistant Jim Tresel…if this is true, these are two awesome hires…I’m crossing my fingers this is true.

  • Covina Bruin


    As Sam said, getting a new UCLA football coach is all we care about! I check sports websites and blogs several times a day searching for the latest news and speculation about other potential head coaching candidates!

    One of my biggest disappointments is that there appears to be little interest in the UCLA job from up-and-coming head coaches or coordinators looking to take the next step up!

    Poor football facilities, lack of institutional support, tough academic entry requirements and USC’s recruiting prowess have likely scared away potential candidates. Combined these issues probably also explain the lack of UCLA football success over the last 10 years.

    It’s been very tough being a UCLA fan over that time. Since the end of the Bob Toledo regime, Dan Guererro has been very patient with Karl Dorrell and Rick Neuheisel, hoping that former Bruins would return to the Bruins to past glory. Well, times have changed and UCLA must be very aggressive in pursuing and paying top-notch coaches!

    I hope monies from the new PAC-12 TV contract will allow UCLA to pursue top-notch coaches in the future. However, with each passing day, the window for hiring a quality coach during the current search gets smaller and smaller! Meyer, Rodriguez, Leach and Fedora are all gone!

    UCLA may have to settle for second-tier candidates like June Jones or Sonny Dykes if they want head coaching experience, or reach out to hot coordinators like Oregon OC Mark Helfrich, Alabama DC Kirby Smart and Texas DC Manny Diaz. Whatever they do, I hope they don’t hire retreads like Mike Bellotti, Jim Mora Jr. or Dewayne Walker because Bruins fans will start a riot!

    I hope UCLA does something and does it fast because the hiring window to top coaches is getting smaller and long-time Bruins fans like me are getting increasingly anxious and frustrated!

  • bibs

    Most of you people are nuts.You want Jon to reveal names and sources and then wonder why no one trusts him.
    I know who flew to Boise to talk with Peterson,but if I told you I would lose my credibility.We will get a coach and all of you will tell everyone that you knew all tyhe time who it was going to be.

  • Anonymous

    With the complaints of the facilities, academic standards, etc, being the difficulties for recruiting players and coaches, what has the administration done to address these issues and the possible timeline?

  • Vinny Rules

    I don’t think anyone is asking Jon to reveal who his sources are (I chuckle since I don’t think he has any).

    It is quite different to have Jon say, “Word is that Dan is interested in Jim Mora among other candidates”
    “I heard from Joe Blow the assistant to Jo Momma who is involved in the search that…”

  • Anonymous

    Everyone wants Tressel. Clearly a great coach, but I don’t see how any school can offer the head coach position with the show cause penalty a possibility. A lot of lying and half truths to the NCAA is a dangerous path to take. Also, if he is hirable why haven’t other schools with better profiles offered Tressel the job? A&m? Unc?

  • j_doe

    Jones would be a great hire. He takes crap and makes it good, which is exactly what we need.

  • UCLA ’64

    I wish you’d let us know why ASU broke off talks with Jones because that would be helpful.

    According to the Seattle Times, it was ASU that said no to Jones and not the other way around. I’m curious why. Perhaps, it’s his 23-28 record at SMU. I wouldn’t want Jones at UCLA until I found out why ASU ended negotiations. ASU’s message board has been full of negative posts about Jones for days which makes me believe their boosters put their feet down and said, “NO Jones,” to their A.D.

    I wonder why Mark Hudspeth’s name hasn’t been considered by all the UCLA fans who keep wringing their hands over the A.D.’s failure to get coaches who already have jobs they want (Petersen, Golden) or are aiming for their dream jobs (Sumlin coveting the A&M appointment). Hudspeth is 66-21 in Division II and is 8-4 in his first FBS season at Louisiana-Lafayette, a team which came within a touchdown of defeating Arizona, something UCLA couldn’t do. At least, he’s a practical suggestion of someone who might want to coach for the Bruins.

    Another practical suggestion is Willie Taggart, the former RB coach under Harbaugh at Stanford. He’s in his second year as HC at Western Kentucky, a team that recently jumped to FBS. In two years, he’s taken that team from a total loser to a 7-5 record. I have no idea why his name hasn’t been kicked around.

    I don’t mind missing on coaches like Petersen, Golden, and Sumlin who were never going to come to UCLA in the first place. I mind chasing after them because they were never going to come to UCLA.

    Before UCLA fans start panting over June Jones, I hope they first figure out why ASU didn’t want him.

    For the person above, who criticized Jon Gold for not posting about the coaching search, all he/she has to do is scroll down below the 12 part “What Went Wrong …” posts and look for articles by Jon about the coaching search.

  • NorthCampusBruin

    For the love of God people, Jon’s a beat reporter for an internet blog with FREE content. He’s not a secret super spy with an unlimited budget that’s infiltrated the homes of all of the coaches across the country that you want to know about RIGHT NOW. He hasn’t reported any news because there ISN’T ANY NEWS YET.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Must not be that great of a “friend”, since Haller is a reporter for the Arizona Republic.

  • Anonymous

    North Campus Bruin – Great post!

  • Brian Dohn Says…

    I would’ve been all over this story. I was with the Neuheis hire!

  • Anonymous

    You don’t know how good you have it with Jon. Try reading Wolf’s blog. The guy have MASSIVE personal issues.

  • Iowa Bruin

    I know we are all anxious about our next coach, but let’s not take it out on Jon. He is a good kid and does great work. I really enjoy his work.

    Go Bruins!

  • Semi-Pro

    You guys should follow Jon on Twitter. He does indeed share a lot of the “rumors” on there. In fact, Jon has been on top of virtually every coaching rumor via Twitter. Jon doesn’t post them here because, as Dohn would say, he deals in facts, not rumors.

  • correct.

  • Anonymous

    jon’s twitter handle?

  • Semi-Pro

    Jon’s Twitter Handle:


  • Vinny Rules


    I do follow Jon on twitter, there hasn’t been anything on there either other than sarcastic comments about being a beat writer and comments about UCLA fans being delusional. Oh, he is also very clear about stating he doesn’t care about the search and who UCLA ends up with since he doesn’t have a “dog in the fight”. Totally understand being unbiased but how about wanting to be on top of things? This care free attitude has come across loud and clear.

    As others have mentioned, Dohn was all over the last search. I have also read comments about this being a free blog, but it is part of his job. I don’t think we’re asking him to write up in depth profiles on each member of the soccer team during football season. All that is expected is the latest rumblings that he’s hearing which he most likely would have to write about anyway.

    Bottom line, Dohn had this blog as the first stop for all UCLA fans. I won’t hesitate to say this is more like the 3rd place people come to now.

  • Resource Guy

    Can someone please talk to Mike Nolan. If anyone can get a bad Dolphins team to play great defense, that persons deserves consideration for any job available.

  • Anonymous

    vinny rules: what are the top two blogs people go to?

    if one of them is bruins nation, fuggedaboutit. those guys are royal a-holes

    btw give jon a break. he’s a hard worker and has done a great job covering ucla sports

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan


    I need not say a single word, you just spoke for me and many other long suffering

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I just came to warn everbody:

    There’s a giant tire fire burning right now in Westwood! Football fans stay away!

  • MichaelRyerson

    Hey everybody, what’s going on? Having kind of a tough day here, looking for someplace to work out some issues…maybe make myself feel better about my essentially powerless life, kick the crap out of some basically defenseless journalist, maybe bitch about the trojans and the cheaters at ‘SC, and neuweasel who actually is a Bruin and has actually done something for the university being a bad coach, how dare him? and, oh yeah, not getting enough inside info, fast enough for free from the blog, and yeah, maybe how shitty the writing is and the punctuation too, dreadful! Whew! Thanks, now I feel better.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MRyer: Nice how they attack Jon out of their own Bruin frustration. Any way we can line up Dan Guerrero to meet with Benny for an attitude adjustment?

  • bcucla8691

    UCLA ’64,

    That’s what I like to hear, up and coming guys. These guys might just be the one to jump in and coach at UCLA. We need more info and buzz about these types of coaches. Isn’t that how Tressel was found when he came on to Ohio State?

    Jon I like you’re blog and info. I prefer since I don’t want to pay for a site for news that I’ll eventually hear about. We real fortunate to be living at a time when information is spread out in a matter of minutes with this thing called the internet.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Yeah, well I know Dan would get an earful and, if it were on the expense account, Benny’d be happy for a sit down over drinks and a steak but I don’t know that Dan’s ever had the pleasure of being talked to in quite that way. Although, I can’t imagine any AD at a major school hasn’t been criticized to his face, Benny can be brutal when he thinks he’s right, which is most of the time. The cupboard is no longer bare, the next guy will inherit some nice pieces. And I’m not excusing Neuheisel when I say the injuries, the last two or three years, have been otherworldly. Six wins should be the absolute bottom of the barrel for us. We should win seven, eight or nine games year in and year out.

  • BruinFaithful


    Anything yet from your “higher up source”?

  • Lifelong Bruin Fan has tweeted that UCLA is talking to Art Briles.

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of crybaby assholes. Make up your own rumors if you need to read bullshit.

    Thank you, Jon, for not contributing to the rumor mill which is nothing but useless drivel. Thanks again for printing/posting hard information when you havr it instead of innuendo. Readers who want guesses which are then proven wrong, can read Foster at the Times. They deserve him. Or can go read bRuination.

  • Dominghosa

    Actually, Doug Haller is a writer for The Arizona Republic. You may have seen his report at the Tucson Citizen website because the Citizen is still connected with Gannett, which The Arizona Republic is also a part of.

    Just a head’s up.